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What will hit 50k first?

Sometimes my mom calls me "Bitcoin". I think I'm doing well.

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4,353,235 accounts
+118 in the last hour
+3,421 in the last day
+58,035 in the last week

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10,000 users now on Mastodon twitter!🚀

Up from ~6,000 just a few days ago.


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The censorship wars are upon us.


Time to step the fuck up.

The best community of Twitter is here: Bitcoiners.🧡

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Wife: are you on fucking twitter again ?!?!

Me: No (didn’t even have to lie) 😂

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let us celebrate the great migration with the song of our people

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I don't view this as a "one shot and now everybody is on fediverse". If this works it'll be as part of a longer campaign to get people to use fediverse and mastodon etc.

People on twitter need the repeat exposure to get them to shift. Eg when people get censored and shutdown, needs to be fediverse and mastodon shilling just like when bank accounts get closed and people shill bitcoin.

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- Mastodon is a federated and open version of twitter. You can use choose between multiple different competing public and private servers called instances. You can also run and use your own instance which is best practice from a trust perspective. Users can interact and 'follow' across instances.

- DMs are not encrypted so instance admins can read them.

- The bitcoinhackers instance is run by @nvk who we trust to keep it up, protect our privacy, and to not censor us.

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Powerful reminders this week of the importance of decentralization and censorship-resistance.

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The Bitcoin's emoji of Mastodon is better than the Bitcoin's emoji of Twitter.

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All these plebs joining mastodon and bitcoinhackers.org feels really good. Fuck Twitter. Fuck jack and these clowns that call themselves politicians. Free speech is back. Express yourselves. Going to stack some more rn to celebrate. I love bisq.

GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon) = Big Tech = Big Brother.

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