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"bcash is a plot to disrupt Bitcoin carnivory by making us all eat popcorn"

The only revolution is to improve yourself, hoping that others follow. Then the world will improve.
-- Georges Brassens

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If you try it out, lemme know how it went. I still need to add docs on how to actually connect the electrum wallet to your personal server inside the VPN. But basically its pointing electrum to the IP after connecting to the VPN, that should do it. :)

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Created a small repo for quickly setting up a full node with tor support, OpenVPN and personal electrum server. Now you can connect your hw wallet to your own full node. Help me test it and contact me if there are any issues 😀 github.com/schulterklopfer/bit

Bisq v0.8.0 is out, with some big new features:

- Local / face-to-face trading
- iOS and Android mobile app notifications
- HalCash as a new payment method
- Privacy improvements


Most excellent ! Bitcoin core 0.17 is all most ready.

A talk by John Newbery a core dev


Controversial Opinion 

More afraid of men in suits than women in burqas or hijabs.

My unit test is giving me philosophical Zen riddles: "expected undefined to exist". I will meditate on this statement and return later to present a enlightened answer to my new master.

Anyone who brings up BTC's energy use should also give you the history on how many wars were financed with BTC.

Ignoring this part of the equation is like giving someone a peace prize who drops over 20K bombs a year.

Cold Card. Why risk it with an ETF when you can have it all in your hand? Cold Card wallet needs no website or computer to operate, unlike Trezor or Ledger. The security chips use secure elements, and pins can be programmed to brick the wallet in a duress situation. Back up of the wallet is accomplished through removable hi reliability, military grade SD cards available on the site.They are shipping NOW. Next level security for the truly paranoid.youtube.com/watch?v=weJzeonwWv

Being able to buy 5 pixels for 0.003 $-cents doesn't sound like much of a thing. But when you think about it, it's the greatest thing we had since some hundred years :)

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