@georgevaccaro honestly i don't think you'll be missing much, it's basically gonna be a bunch of boomers pretending to be millennials (both with the clubhouse, and the NFTs)

Hi everyone! i'm doing my first clubhouse thing, tomorrow (Thursday) 6pm ET. We'll be talking about crypto and stuff. joinclubhouse.com/event/mWEzBW

@georgevaccaro are you serious? twitter banned you without telling you which tweet violated their policies? freaeking nazis, man

@georgevaccaro wait, what did you say to get banned?

i was looking for... um, i think you were talking to giacomo, and said something about bitcoin being a trojan horse

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@georgevaccaro did you get banned from twitter? i was trying to find one of your old funny tweets but your account is gone?

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Poorly researched takes on Bitcoin have no intrinsic value.

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"One year ago, MicroStrategy was a mundane, third-tier publicly traded software concern with a moribund stock price that hadn’t moved in nearly two decades. Then the CEO decided to dump most of his treasury into Bitcoin. The the stock went from 100 to 1000. Now he’s doing a convertible bond offering (more free money) with the express purpose of buying more Bitcoin. He’s not even pretending to invest in his company’s software products." thereformedbroker.com/2021/02/

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@sean_pawley America was founded under the ideals of separating church and state. i'd like to see a democratic experiment that separates corporations and state

@alan8325 yeah, i get that that was the case a hundred years ago... but now 70% of american adults are obese. We could probably survive at least a year on our fat stores alone

Why do we subsidize the farm industry but not stuff like domestic chip manufacturing? Like, is it more important to prop up corn production than to prop up semiconductors? Pls discuss.

@mattparlmer I have one of those 21 computers from way back when.

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