"One year ago, MicroStrategy was a mundane, third-tier publicly traded software concern with a moribund stock price that hadn’t moved in nearly two decades. Then the CEO decided to dump most of his treasury into Bitcoin. The the stock went from 100 to 1000. Now he’s doing a convertible bond offering (more free money) with the express purpose of buying more Bitcoin. He’s not even pretending to invest in his company’s software products."


Yes, edging Bitcoin closer to meeting the criteria set by the Howey test is totally what you want.

Do you want to file Regulation D paperwork? Because that's how you get stuck filing Regulation D paperwork.
@hanakookie @eiaine

If you're backing shares with Bitcoin, you're equating the value of those coins to your common enterprise.

Only an absolute mark would think that repackaging coins into securities would do anything other than raise the ire of the SEC, an agency that has already asked for and received an extension to statute of limitations going back to the original Bitcoin publication whitepaper.

This isn't helping.
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