How would the tooth fairy give a child a small amount of Bitcoin in return for a tooth? The first thing that comes to mind is an Opendime, but would that be forced to be an amount that makes on-chain transaction fees worth it?

I’m thinking the best way might be for the parent to run a LN node and the tooth fairy somehow gives the child a wallet with some sats that are on the parents’ node.

@alan8325 lightning seems appropriate, payment-value-wise. Kind of an odd UX in terms of the usual tooth-fairy experience though :p

"Dad! I found a piece of paper with a payment hash preimage on it! Time to claim my funds, thanks tooth fairy!"

@htimsxela It could be placed on something more fun than paper like a 3D printed coin-shaped trinket or something.

@alan8325 totally, something like that with a QR code on the back would actually be pretty cool. Not exactly the usual workflow for a lightning payment, but perhaps possible to hack together? (once you get into the nitty-gritty details of the current LN implementation, my knowledge gets a little rough though)

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