Why do we subsidize the farm industry but not stuff like domestic chip manufacturing? Like, is it more important to prop up corn production than to prop up semiconductors? Pls discuss.

@eiaine I guess having sovereign food production is considered more important. Importing more food and risking having that cut off if there's a geopolitical problem might do more damage than having semiconductors cut off. Just throwing out a guess though.

@alan8325 yeah, i get that that was the case a hundred years ago... but now 70% of american adults are obese. We could probably survive at least a year on our fat stores alone

@eiaine True, but take away the food and people like me who are 6'10 and eat as much as an obese person without being obese are fucked. 😅

@alan8325 @eiaine

Not if there are a ton of obese people. Just need to subsidize fava beans. 😂

@eiaine @alan8325 "i get that that was the case a hundred years ago" I think you have your answer there: 'Government programs, once started, are nearly impossible to stop.'

@eiaine farm subsidies are for price control, not because they care.

@eiaine we subsidize food to keep the Consumer Price index artificially low, allowing us to print more money, enrich the politically connected, and claim that there is no inflation.

@eiaine In Europe something is going on. Lots of millions. But seeing how government money is used, at least in Spain, I wish they don invest a single cent.

There is only one thing worse than not having money: having a lot of money going to the wrong hands. The industry becomes poisoned.

@eiaine I agree not being able to manufacture semiconductors is a great danger though.

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