Bitcoin was created by the CIA

@Chaotic Some theories (just spitballing):

-Honeypot to get otherwise-subversive ppl working on transparent&traceable money

-Censorship-resistant money to undermine problematic regimes

-CIA is actually part of a Deep State that wants to destroy USA, so Bitcoin was invented to kill the dollar

@Chaotic (cont'd...)
-CIA knew that there would be an international financial arms race, so they created bitcoin to beat China to the punch

-Hasten the end of cash for the Great Reset

@eiaine @Chaotic If the CIA was involved, think it was more likely created for banal reasons like to pay bribes and funnel money to secret agents. Probably for insider graft too.

Like Tor they needed a public network so covert payments could hide in a crowd. It also had to be private enough to not get tracked or stopped by current AML mechanisms.

@PaulTroon @eiaine it does not matter as long as no backdoors are reported

@eiaine Then the government or CIA would have played bitcoin completely differently in terms of
1) promotion

@Chaotic what do YOU think promotion, accumulation, and adoption would look like?

@Chaotic @eiaine Important to not forget that individuals in government organizations have different goals. CIA could be promoting Bitcoin even while elected officials are against it. Or some groups within the CIA could be promoting it while others fight against it.

The US government is full up with cases of the principal/agent problem.

@eiaine i think that is possible for early cold war nuclear war requirement.

@eiaine there is some classified work on distributed clocks from before the time of Bitcoin…but I suppose it’s declassified now. The one paper I got to read part of was eerily similar to a bitcoin network without transactions.

@eiaine hahahaha, very sneaky phrasing "I have no idea but this is a fun poll" as if it's actually a nuanced and intelligent response.

@eiaine It was a single person. Teams can't beat geniuses on something like this. And geniuses capable to do this are probably not working for the CIA as I think that kind of work kills creativity.

if true, thats actually pretty bullish

paraphrasing matt from rhrc

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