If you are a bajillionaire and you lose your private keys, the best thing to do is head straight to Alcor and have yourself cryogenically frozen. Ask them to thaw you out in 500 years, or when 10000 qubit quantum computing is invented. Then you can recover your keys and live like a king!

@eiaine serious question.. if they had that computer why would they defrost you? at that point couldn't they just take the bitcoins for themselves :P ?


@miketwenty1 i mean, why would they defrost you at all, ever? why not take your money and throw the body into the river? i feel like there's a lot of trust involved in this sort of business.

@eiaine @miketwenty1 (wakes up in room with quantum computer engineers holding $5 wrenches)

@BrianLockhart @eiaine
so even with decentralized multisig approach.. and cryogenic freezing ... the $5 wrench rears it's ugly head of reality

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