Theory: Jack purged everyone to accelerate the shift to decentralized technology.

For Jack so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten company, that whoever migrates to mastodon should not perish, but have everlasting life.

@eiaine If we fail at decentralizing money. Nothing meaningful will ever be decentralized. All hopes on :bitcoin:

@eiaine Nice try. Jack is a globalist who masquerades as a bitcoiner.

@rootdude @eiaine Yeah, he and Square are dangerous, the way they fund bitcoin devs. Stay skeptical of devs taking money from him.

@bryancyan @rootdude @eiaine
They build custodial bitcoin solutions. Don't make the mistake of inviting in the trojan horse of inflation. Any custodial solution can run fractional reserves, and it becomes easier the bigger they get.

When they are auditable might be a different story.

@eiaine I don't normally like to assume 4D chess moves but I really can't see any way how you can be a bitcoiner but also cheer on tech censorship.

@z3ke_sk1 the most enthusiastic bitcoiners are the ones who are here because they have no choice

@z3ke_sk1 @eiaine If I own a shop/restaurant, I choose the rules for the shop/restaurant.

If I own an online centralized service, I choose the rules for the online centralized service.

Bitcoin is decentralized, no one decides anything without mass consensus.

Personally, I see nothing wrong. Just that people who want to use something decentralized will move away from Shitter.

Welcome to the free market.

@eiaine Jack is but a humble servant to the orange coin as are we all. A-satoshi

@eiaine exactly. then when all the cool kids are here, he'll say to the twitter board, "well I guess we have to become a mastodon instance now. project blue sky ftw bitchez," and all will be well and good and true.

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