what's the best inconspicuous weapon for self defense in case of random physical attack? Something that can be carried all the time and used without any training. like a walking stick? Asking for my mom :)

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RT @TheBitcoinConf
Announcing editor at The BTC Times, Elaine Ou, as a speaker!

@eiaine is a Bloomberg Opinion columnist, an editor at The BTC Times, and an engineer at Global Financial Access in San Francisco.

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How did I miss this? This is fire!


I wish I could see past that bloomberg paywall but I'm not giving them a dime, even for you! 😀

@georgevaccaro Merry Christmas! How are you these days? I miss seeing you on the bird site.

What kind of background/training would one need to have the reflexes and marksmanship displayed by Kyle Rittenhouse? asking for a friend.

Hi everyone! i'm doing my first clubhouse thing, tomorrow (Thursday) 6pm ET. We'll be talking about crypto and stuff. joinclubhouse.com/event/mWEzBW

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@georgevaccaro did you get banned from twitter? i was trying to find one of your old funny tweets but your account is gone?

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Poorly researched takes on Bitcoin have no intrinsic value.

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"One year ago, MicroStrategy was a mundane, third-tier publicly traded software concern with a moribund stock price that hadn’t moved in nearly two decades. Then the CEO decided to dump most of his treasury into Bitcoin. The the stock went from 100 to 1000. Now he’s doing a convertible bond offering (more free money) with the express purpose of buying more Bitcoin. He’s not even pretending to invest in his company’s software products." thereformedbroker.com/2021/02/

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Why do we subsidize the farm industry but not stuff like domestic chip manufacturing? Like, is it more important to prop up corn production than to prop up semiconductors? Pls discuss.

I just bought a 100W solar panel kit from Harbor Freight so I can start mining bitcoin with renewable energy. I think they were manufactured in China using slave labor but hey they're Green

I don't know about Bitcoin. I think it's becoming way too mainstream.

what drug best approximates the short-lived stimulant effect of seeing a tweet get lots of Likes and RTs?

In 2015, I interviewed for a job at Robinhood. The founders had seen a blog post I wrote about how the SEC killed my crypto startup, and thought I might be a good fit.

I guess they realized that it's easier to join the establishment than to beat it.

Bitcoin was created by the CIA

Are there any cities left on the planet that meet the following criteria?
-A single middle-class income can support a family (housing + health care)
-Young ppl aren't brainwashed by SJWs
-Reasonable expectation of socioeconomic advancement

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