Well this price crash was too much. I sold all my bitcoin at a slight loss for the tax write off. Now I can objectively follow it just for the technology.

Feeling super bullish on bitcoiners! Y’all are too legit, keep up the good work and getting the word out there.

Dollars are way too expensive imo. Same with euros.

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Look, if you can’t afford to pay your employees at least 69,420 satoshis per hour, then maybe you shouldn’t own a business.

Corn’s on sale right now, may want to pick some up

NGU technology has seemed to make shilling more straightforward lately. I’m also grateful for the many folks putting together great educational resources and memes.

It’s always a good time to be bullish on bitcoiners

Mastodon maximalism seems to be a good way forward

On the plus side of big tech censorship, extremists of all stripes will be emboldened. MAGA crowd will play the victim to justify violence. Commies will feel vindicated as “winners” to justify violence.

The new US regime may well pull ever more levers of authoritarianism with Silicon Valley’s support. Good time to be in bitcoin and encourage others to peacefully empower themselves.

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The censorship wars are upon us.


Time to step the fuck up.

Well having dry powder was fun while it lasted. But not really because that shit stinks.

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When the money is political, everything is political.

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Twitter is done. Gradually then suddenly.

It's nice to see the hornets, plebs, freaks, and others assemble

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let us celebrate the great migration with the song of our people

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