[email protected]_NoKYC & I will be talking shop about bitcoin mining at home. Join us this Saturday, May 22 @ 16:00 UTC


Short QnA on mining at home for non-KYC bitcoin. 7 weeks until BANB21! Hope to see you there!


Mined my first 1,000,000 sats. Took 16 days. Cost about $160.00.

My utility provider could have obtained the electricity I used from coal, hydro, solar; I don't know where they got it. It doesn't matter, that's on them to source it. I paid for it & can use it however I want.

Making progress on the ASIC enclosure. Hoping to get this all hooked up by this weekend.

I've been quietly working on an amateur podcast for the last ~15 months. This is about a brother & sister fighting to be reunited despite the brothers 120 year prison sentence. He never hurt anyone on his way to prison.


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