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Fiat retirement plan is the Fidelity 2050/2030/...
Bitcoin retirement plans correspond to halving rewards
Aka: the Bitcoin 2032 plan.

Whatever your plan is subtract 4 years and stack harder.
This is financial advice.

Second: the growth of global income; the disappearance of infectious diseases; the feeding of seven billion; the clean-up of rivers and air; the reforestation of much of the rich world; the internet; the use of mobile-phone credits as banking; the use of genetic fingerprinting to convict criminals and acquit the innocent. Every single one of these was a serendipitous, unexpected phenomenon supplied by millions of people who did not intend to cause these big changes.

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@TheRealPaulRB First: the First World War, the Russian Revolution, the Versailles Treaty, the Great Depression, the Nazi regime, the Second World War, the Chinese Revolution, the 2008 financial crisis: every single one was the result of top–down decision-making by relatively small numbers of people trying to implement deliberate plans – politicians, central bankers, revolutionaries and so on.

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@TheRealPaulRB Just finished "The Evolution of Everything" and this quote in the final chapter reminded me of your writings. Thought I'd share.

To put my explanation in its boldest and most surprising form: bad news is manmade, top–down, purposed stuff, imposed on history. Good news is accidental, unplanned, emergent stuff that gradually evolves. The things that go well are largely unintended; the things that go badly are largely intended. Let me give you two lists.

@TheRealPaulRB Read your 40 days thing. Very enjoyable. You have some intriguing concepts on the personage of Jesus. Though I know you aren't specifically writing 'about' Jesus vs his teachings.

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Thank God for Bitcoin, a Fan Addendum Tweetstorm
CCing @breedlove22, @jimmysong, @jmbushwrites, @gmekhail


Bitcoin is as unstoppable as the Gutenberg press was and will release another large set of shackles holding back the spiritual growth of humanity. I'm excited for the future.


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Therefore, if I am right, then a Sound Money is ordained by God as a necessary step towards human redemption. God used the Gutenberg press technology to reduce corruption by theocratic rulers. Allowing people to read about Him for themselves, accelerating spiritual growth.

Similarly I see Bitcoin as the technology that prevents corruption of money by political rulers and allowing people to build societies on a foundation of rock instead of sand. Or a foundation on Blocks instead of Gold.


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I believe humans have a LOT of spiritual growth to do before Christ returns. I don't think we can do that properly without the money issue being solved. There is zero evidence that Gold or any physical money or controllable money can be. It has to be digital and uncontrollable.


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Bitcoin however is designed specifically to fix these issues. Bitcoin is at least an order of magnitude harder to corrupt than Gold. This makes it something that society could actually rise on and not crumble due to monetary decay (there are obviously other paths to decay though)

Corruption of money incentives social decay. It incentives sinful behavior. It literally rewards sinful behavior and this has been the case since the first ruler learned how to corrupt money.


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There are good reasons pointing towards the corruption of money being causal to social decay. I appreciate Gold and other sound monies for their role in many amazing societies throughout history. We stand on their scientific, social and philosophic shoulders.

But the monies eventually failed. Gold has shown itself to be a fantastic scarce asset, but inherently corruptible by rulers. Again, gold has failed 100% of the time.


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"Sound Money" is something that is scarce and hard to replicate (Precious Metals, Rai Stones, on and on). However, there has yet to be a money sound enough to withstand the pressure of debasement and corruption.

Time and time again we've seen that when money corrupts, society corrupts and subsequently falls. Later to possibly rise again with a sound money. Traditionally Precious Metals have been that sound money.


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Thank God for Bitcoin, a Fan Addendum Tootstorm

Money is the communication tool of society. It forms the foundation for trade. Which is the foundation of human interaction outside of family and friends. However when a foundation is built of sand vs rock then we all know what happens when a storm comes.


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Today we are proud to announce our presence on Mastodon as well as the release of Mastodon for the Embassy!

@TheRealPaulRB Hey Paul, check our @start9labs latest app announcement. Mastodon! I have their device and it's great. I think it can really propel the type of society we want to see in the future. I use it daily now with my password management. Self hosted, secure, all over tor. I couldn't do that stuff before because it was too hard. I'm hobby level tech. Not dev. Setup was a walk in the park.

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Going to front run you while you snooze. Nighty, night!
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I am going to sleep! Anything less than $39,000 by the time I wake up it’s a failure.
Act accordingly!

Bitcoin's network effect is growing by leaps and bounds. There is NO competition for Bitcoin. Of that I am convinced.
Bitcoin is about as inevitable as the US dollar hegemony ending.

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