A few bitcoin instances have popped up

bitcoinhackers.org (the OG)
bitcoinersagainst.boats (hi)
thecitadel.social (by @eatoutfrom5lbs)

Decentralizing the bitcoin ecosystem means a healthier ecosystem overall

@nvk playing 4D chess to spur us plebs into building up our own instances instead of just taking the easy route. Nice.

Does anyone know Lucho Poletti? He illustrated "Satoshi's Citadel", and I'd like to use it as a banner for the instance, but would like his permission first. @ArtForBitcoin @bitpaint ???

WOOOOO finally configured SMTP correctly on the instance.

Some (cheap) alternatives on hosting your own Mastodon server that I could think of:
1. If you have good internet, not moving around, and have your own RPi: deploy on local. If your ISP didn't provide you with public IP, create a hidden service and go buy a dirt-cheap VPS ($2/year) for solely tor2ip purpose
2. If you prefer VPS: go to Hostens, decent spec container VPS witth low price. $44/3yrs.
You also need a domain on top of it. You can go with either a cheap TLD or a more expensive one.

Draft Instance Rules

1. Get Triggered. Enjoy our delicious frozen peaches.

2. No shitcoins. See something, say something.

3. Read the room. Don't do crime.

Welp. Time to set up my own mastodon citadel instance.

My bank is offering customers free roadside assistance if you maintain a balance of...

$130,000 🤣. Talk about out of touch.

Fiat is dead.

I think I’ve been a freedom extremist since I took a government class in high school. It made me realize that congress convened occasionally to add even more laws on top of a massive pile of laws that had been growing since the inception of the government — and that the pace at which people were restricted, muzzled, taxed, and fined appeared to be accelerating. The govt that was supposed to be by, for and of the people was making those people less free every time it convened.

Step 1. Buy a 3d printer

Step 2. Print a high-capacity magazine

Step 3. Turn in high capacity magazine to cuckbuck buyback program

Step 4. Buy bitcoin with cuckbucks

Step 5. Go to Step 2


Hey @bitcoinhackers, I was permanently banned on Twitter over the weekend and I refuse to create a new account.

Can you guys please boost this so I can find and reconnect with people, thanks!

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