In @gladstein's latest article "Check Your Financial Privilege," he spoke with @ireaderinokun, @SudanHODL, and @KalKassa as they shared their stories on why Bitcoin is so important.

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A piece I wrote for @Bitwage that details the historic onboarding of @TorontoFC Forward @AcharaIfy10.

Professional Soccer Player Ifunanyachi Achara Partners with Bitwage

Matt is a regular attendee of the BitcoinersMPLS (monthly) meetups, of which the next will be occurring soon. For details, send a direct message on Twitter to BQuittem, found here:

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Bitwage breaks through the quarantine economy towards record growth

"Traffic to Bitwage’s website is up over 300% compared to February of last year and new fully on-boarded users are up 165%."

"One of the best ways for individuals to onboard to cryptocurrency is by personally receiving it in payments."


Soccer Player Ifunanyachi Achara the Latest Sports Pro to Take Salary in Bitcoin

"So my family, when I send them money home, I send them bitcoin.”

"They occasionally trade their bitcoin for the local currency."

"Bitcoin remittances have appealed for years to pockets of foreigners moving money back home."


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Today, @KeEquityBank declined my international payment for work done for @CoinDesk writing 2 feature articles. Even after providing invoices as evidence, Equity Bank says they do not process transactions related to cryptocurrency including Writing cc @njorogep


Everyone asking to get paid in Bitcoin these days.

Culkin’s base salary for 2021 is a reported $920,000.

“I fully believe Bitcoin is the future of finance and I wanted to prove that I have real skin in the game — not just trying to make a quick buck.”

@namcios covers the story:

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Why Are Athletes Demanding To Be Paid In Bitcoin?

"Adoption is happening in real time. Their choices regarding bitcoin will determine which side of history these teams are on."

Written by @drew_macmartin.

CAD, DAI, and cUSD now available for Bitwage users

"Users can now receive Canadian Dollars and the stablecoins DAI and cUSD through Bitwage!"

via @Bitwage e-mail


Offer a discount to be paid in bitcoin. Being paid from individuals p2p helps avoid the risk of centralized KYC honeypots and is well worth a premium.

It’s not obvious to many yet, but Sean Culkin just became one of the highest paid athletes in the world.
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I fully believe Bitcoin is the future of finance and I wanted to prove that I have real skin in the game — not just trying to make a quick buck. I will be converting my entire 2021 NFL salary to .

There's definitely demand for on-demand pay (or, Earned Wage Access / EWA). But DailyPay charges the employee $2.99 on each "Now" (instant pay) transfer, regardless of the amount being transferred.

And they only serve workers from the U.S.


Employees can access pay as they earn it with DailyPay, but for a fee:


"It's highly recommended that you avoid using a corporate, centralized exchange to get your first bitcoin."


Ideas for how to get some $BTC:
- P2P platforms
- Friends and family
- Bitcoin ATM
- Sell something
- Work for it
- Meetups
- Vouchers

How you could end up with bitcoin even though you didn’t buy any:


Southampton F.C. Can Now Pay Player Bonuses In Bitcoin.

"Danny Ings’ salary makes him about $5.35 million per year. If he’s paid a 5 percent bonus, for instance, that would net him about $268,000 in bitcoin."

@nikcantmine covers the story:

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I want to start running tests of going to a random city I’ve never been to and going door to door to every restaurant in town until one of them lets me pay in bitcoin

Just literally saying if you want me to shop here, you have to accept this

Southampton F.C. Can Now Pay Player Bonuses In Bitcoin.

"This partnership allows Southampton’s players to receive their yearly performance bonus paid in BTC and is the biggest sponsorship in its club history."

@nikcantmine covers the story:

.@cryptograffiti Launches Bitcoin Micropayment Plugin For DJs And Music Producers

The open-source project is meant to facilitate bitcoin revenue streams directly to DJs and music producers.

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