It feels like it was just 4 weeks ago we were skiffing 200 again.. via r/ethtrader $DYOR

Kraken adds support for Swiss francs, its first European currency via @CryptoPanicCom $DYOR

The IDEX 2.0 Demo is live! Come try out our “unbounded scaling” layer-2 solution, and enter our demo competition! via r/ethtrader $DYOR

Nearly 2 years after ATH I am back at it again via r/ethtrader $DYOR

Spending cryptocurrency in real life via r/ethtrader $DYOR

Do you work with real-time data? Streamr Core gives you the tools needed to integrate, process and visualise your data streams via r/ethereum $DYOR

Network Upgrades with Tim Beiko from Pegasys via r/ethereum $DYOR

Stack Overflow VP Joins Crypto Lending Firm as Chief Product Officer via @tokendaily $DYOR

Introducing ZK Sync: the missing link to mass adoption of via r/ethtrader $DYOR

Private transactions are now way cheaper on via r/ethtrader $DYOR

DEX Protocol Saturn Network Partners with Pocket as Preferred Decentralized Node Provider via r/ethtrader $DYOR

Crypto Exchange Catastrophe: Poloniex Spin Out Leaves Investments Spinning At Circle via @CryptoPanicCom $DYOR

Saturn DEX partners with Pocket Network! via r/ethtrader $DYOR

Paul Brody on EY's zkp advances: "I'm pleased to share that we have released an update to the open source and public domain tools from EY. This update enables our first version of transaction batching - allowing… via r/ethtrader $DYOR

Wallets Management for Crypto Exchanges via hackernews $DYOR

Football and Crypto - The World’s First Fan Offering (FTO) via r/ethtrader $DYOR

Nightfall Update - Batch & Scale with Zero Knowledge Proofs via r/ethereum $DYOR

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