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Weekly DEX volume on just set a new all time high - beating the high that was set during the Black Thursday madness.

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Black Lives Matter wants to destroy law enforcement, end bail, empty the prisons (including drug dealers as well as users), provide themselves with reparations, AND a full-time government income without the necessity of work.

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$REN cuts through ATHs as {wBTC / sBTC / renBTC} trading volumes massively increase

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We are pleased to announce the launch of our Reference Guides for charter cities. These documents have been designed to be used by charter city developers to improve their decision-making and assist in the creation of governing legal institutions.


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The 2020 RadicalxChange Conference kicks off in just ten minutes. Tune into the livestream on our website radicalxchange.org/ The first speaker is the brilliant Audrey Tang, Digital Minister of Taiwan.

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Nobody wants new Dunning-Kreuggerands:
Miners have real bills, and being unable to sell means there is no mysterious OTC buyers left nor real money exchanges where they wouldn’t crater the price. twitter.com/ahcastor/status/12

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@Asliajay_ @cburniske @Jack @Twitter @Square Answered. Lose the emotional obsession with Bitcoin, before you lose further profits in DeFi. Check this again. The opportunity cost is rising.

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12/ zkSync is fully permissionless today. You can start building on it right now!

Check out the getting started tutorial on our developer portal:


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We’re excited to announce a big event we’re hosting next Tuesday, 6/23 at 6pm EST/3PM PST.

“Surveillance Pandemic: A conversation w/@NaomiAKlein & @Snowden, moderated by Jacinta Gonzalez from Mijente.

Register ⬇️


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@CryptoToit @argentHQ @iearnfinance @CurveFinance @renprotocol @mstable_ Staking eth to Rocket Pool minting rETH would be nice when live.

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Four in five fund managers believe stocks ‘overvalued’, survey finds ft.com/content/6df6a6d0-33aa-4

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Hello from the newest Ethereum privacy protocol! 👋

We're working to enable privacy preserving payments where only the sender and receiver know who the funds were sent to.

Help us get to mainnet by contributing to our @gitcoin grant at gitcoin.co/grants/821/umbra-pr

Apologies to followers, expecting a polished "voice" or unified "brand" from this account is unwise xoxo
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Apologies to followers, expecting a polished "voice" or unified "brand" from this account is unwise xoxo twitter.com/krzhang/status/127

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This Researcher Predicted 2020 Would Be Mayhem. Here’s What He Says May Come Next ti.me/3dekYVH

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mining difficulty increased by 14.9%.

It is the 7th largest positive difficulty adjustment in the past 3 years, and the highest since January 2018.


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BREAKING: All mobile phone operators under the largest DDoS attack in the history of the United States of America right now.

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It seems to me that AI is the ultimate expression of the hyper masculine and especially white European desire to dominate, beat, outcompete, etc. taken to its logical extreme of dominating all other humans. Maybe if we had more diversity in the tech industry we would

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Updated academic research paper by
@danhper, Jiahua Xu, & @convoluted_code on 3 ghost chains with billions in market cap but zero use

💧96% of $EOS txs from valueless airdop

🧁76% of $XTZ for Tezos baking

🔥94% of $XRP transactions have 0 value

Link 👇 twitter.com/evan_van_ness/stat

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Want to understand layer 2 options on Ethereum?

Look at this chart by @the_matter_labs


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