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duudl3 @[email protected]

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If you are not running Linux you are doing it wrong.🐧

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@duudl3 You're not going to delete anything with that dash out of place

In a sudo -rm rf / kinda mood

Been programming all day. :)

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"Database longer than a camgirls wishlist"

Become an enemy of the State.

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@duudl3 freedom , sounds great will be joining 👌

Bull market: Parties, drugs, alcohol, steak, wine, money.

Bear market: Existential crisis, philosophical Bitcoin tweets, Twitter arguments, sodium chloride.

[Windows 10 search bar]

"Stea" -> Steam

"Steam" -> No results found.


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@duudl3 looks cool, I'll be registering soon.

I also fixed a bug where XSS injections could happen on the PGP key viewing page.

I saw some guy put his PGP key as <img src=test></img> and it worked (just a missing image icon though).

Now when putting in HTML tags, it'll just strip out the tags before displaying.


I fixed the scaling issues, and now the site looks better than ever. :)

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Bitcoin is not here to make the old ways better, it is here to make those old ways obsolete.

I've lost my home button help

Gangsta's Paradise is out in full-force brigading my Reddit post and downvoting my comment.

I didn't even post my link to their forum but they're shilling all over my Reddit thread lmao

Implemented comment replies on Darkr! Now when you reply to a comment, the person you're replying to will get a notification properly. :)



So now the network diagram for using the Darkr onion service is:

You -> Tor -> Onion/My server -> ProtonVPN -> darkr.xyz