Generated a transaction hex offline, wrote it to an NFC tag while offline, then scanned the NFC tag on the NFC reading device (that's online) and it broadcast the transaction through Tor using the Samourai Wallet pushTx API!

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I can finally write for the New York Times

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@samouraidev 1 BTC still 1 BTC? Sheez, what a boring market.

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@cryptocoderbob The app on your home screen or app drawer looks like a normal gallery/photos app. When opening, it also looks like a generic gallery app. When pressing the top bar 5 times, and entering a PIN you set on first launch, it loads up a hidden Bitcoin wallet within the app.

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@duudl3 I'm amazed at the number of mobile wallets that just open to a screen showing your wallet balance, not even requiring a PIN first. Some at least require a PIN up front, but...

This is awesome! I'm honestly surprised there isn't an option like it available already. Great work!

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@polyb1123 welcome to the world of mastodon bro great to have you here follow @btc and @duudl3 as starts

Screenshots of the disguised Bitcoin wallet

I haven't posted here in a while (need to do that more):

Here's the disguised wallet in action:

Uploaded the code for the disguised Bitcoin wallet

Source code:


When launching for the first time, it'll ask to set a PIN, and to access the wallet you need to tap the top bar 5 times and enter your PIN.

Got downloading implemented into the decentralized file system I'm working on!

Now I just need to make nodes send files to other nodes when they receive files from clients.

Has anyone ever tried running a Bitcoin full node on a toaster?

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People were right! I can't just sit here, it's time for action!

I will restore the tweeting man to his rightful glory!

I will dismantle this oppressive establishment BOARD BY BOARD!

I will saw the tables of tyranny.. IN HALF!

I'll gnaw at the ankles of big business!

People will be so proud!

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Twitter HQ is unfair. Mr. Dorsey is in there, standing at the concession, plotting his oppression!

You literally quoted Josh's tweet saying everyone in this thread attacks people relentlessly on CT and that people should mute, block, and report said accounts. Bennett was in that thread. Quit that "you're putting words in my mouth" bullshit.

it's already suspended because Twitter wants a phone number lel

How it works is when you upload a file, the server receives it and produces a SHA256 hash of the file, and renames the file to the hash. The node sends that file to other nodes, so it cannot be deleted in one spot.

Your client locally hashes the file as well, so the SHA256 hash is never sent across the internet.

In the meantime, the core structure for the decentralized file system I'm working on is there. You can upload files to a network node, and get a file ID. To make it decentralized, I just need to have the node the file was uploaded to, to send it to other nodes to propagate it.

Then I need to add in file downloading.

Not being able to shitpost on Twitter during class right now is the worst part.

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