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About policing energy for PoW:

I don't understand professional sports. I cannot see why people want to spend time and money on seeing others play. Why do we as society permit energy being burned on flying teams and fans around, building stadiums, all for... entertainment?!

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To those who are saying I should have made a separate account for the whole COVID or vaccine topics, keep in mind Twitter did not merely ban my account: they banned my person, including all accounts I make either prior to or in the future.

Having a separate account would not have changed anything.

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Update: "After investigating your appeal, we have determined that your account posted content that was threatening and/or promoting violence in violation of the Twitter Terms of Service. Accordingly, your account has been suspended and will not be restored."

No link to appeal further.

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This coming Monday at 18:00 UTC the Wasabi Research Club will be a discussion about how CoinJoin privacy can be analyzed in terms the sub-transaction model introduced in the Knapsack mixing paper.

We will be slowly going through the linked notes (still being edited), and see how far we can get in the first of a series of discussions.

Please join if you want to understand & critique the thought process behind the CoinJoins approach being implemented in Wasabi 2.0.


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And just like that yo "secure" #btc #crypto is compromised #WhenYourMoneyAintSound #Go4TheGold

Intel CPUs fall to new hyperthreading exploit that pilfers crypto keys

Side-channel leak in Skylake and Kaby Lake chips probably affects AMD CPUs, too.

Intel CPUs fall to new hyperthreading exploit that pilfers crypto keys arstechnica.com/information-te

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*This is messed up*

Lie detector tests at airport security? Yep, it’s coming

In several airports in Europe, passengers will be administered lie detector tests powered by artificial intelligence in addition to their normal security steps, according to a press release about the new initiative.


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Has anyone reached out to The Tor Project to ditch Bitpay for BTCPay? Their bitcoin donation page still states "Due to the current state of the Bitcoin market, our payment processor, Bitpay, will not allow us to accept donations of less than 5 USD."


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@MrHodl The goTenna Mesh doesn't have internet connectivity. However, it can be paired with a smartphone that does have connectivity. txTenna app will send the hex tx (signed tx) through one goTenna Mesh device for broadcasting to any other devices within range. Receiving devices that are paired to an internet connected device use txTenna to upload the received packet so the tx can be reassembled and broadcast.

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To the outside world my accoount "no longer exists"

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Locked out of my twitter account today. Not post related because i dont post, and of my posts nothing worthy of blocking me. The only thibg I can imagine is something to do with my VPN. Im being asked to verify a phone number, even though I never did that to start.

This blows....im not verifying a number...

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I just published "Gravity", first part of a series of 4 articles about Bitcoin's PoW, its properties and its efficiency.

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Faketoshi just unfollowed Falkvinge in Twitter. Lol.

BCash implosion continues.

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Android Mastodon Clients Quick Review - Tusky vs Mastalab

Tusky (left) offers a more polished Material Design experience with better information density. It mirrors the default web client in terms of available features. Works "out of the box"

Mastalab (right) is a bit rough, but appears to offer more visibility into things like # of likes and boosts without having to leave the main feed. Also lots of granular settings, from loading optimization (toots per load etc) to notification LED color.

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Seems to be official, this is the new twitter.

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