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I'd like to personally thank for stepping down to focus on , it has forced me to make the move to finally! I can just feel the freedom in the air.

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How are you gonna know global warming and climate change is a hoax, but yet trust the scientists about vaccines and other bullshit? Why is it that one group of scientists is trustworthy but the other is not? Man is flawed, knock this shit off.

"Company files for emergency use to aquire more funds since no one cares about covid anymore"

They want to Vax your kids more because they are going to be rendered useless as covid ramps down.

Kids, literally the least affected class. Smh.

At this point, how can you even believe western medicine is NOT a scam?

Anyone else think the United States government is a organization?

It just feels like the hinting at rate hikes causing all markets to crash was intential. THEY are the insiders who get to trade this shit in the market.

Fuck the . Fuck the .

Sounds like the FED’s plans for rate hikes and tapering in 2022 actually could end up being more or less… transitory 😅
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JUST IN - Prosecutors end criminal case against 2 jail guards who falsified records on the night Epstein "killed himself on their watch" one day after Maxwell's trial.

The moment you tell them the money is collapsing, ₿itcoin is the only way out and 60% of the people have already been chipped.

There's something inside you
It's hard to explain
They're talking about you boy
But you're still the same

NEW - Kamala Harris's outgoing aide tried to cut off an interview with radio host Charlamagne Tha God in a heated exchange after he questioned who really held the power in DC.

NOW - Protest in #Vienna against Covid restrictions and vaccine mandates.

NEW - Germany: Higher Administrative Court in Lower Saxony rules that it is unlawful to allow only vaccinated and recovered persons to enter retail stores.

is designed to Resist and to Repel the "If I Can't Have It, No One Will" Attack

Im in jail again for 6 days now. I didn't even type out thay last sentence correctly lol

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I refuse to watch anything with Whoopi Goldberg in it. Who can say the same? 🤔

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