My unlimited mobile data plan is absolutely going to waste.

I've had a pretty insecure irc password for like 20 years and I just now changed it.

If you can keysend me sats once an hour, you have my business. I don't even care

One of the tragedies of this whole situation was that I had just found a good taco place that I liked not far from the office and then BOOM, guess I'm not going back there any time soon.

Trying to learn a new repeatable build system is a great way to burn through your monthly bandwidth limits.

Can anyone explain to me why some apps installed with (left) will show up in my launcher, while some (right) do not?

My child's teacher had a medium pepperoni pizza delivered to the houses of each student regardless of whether or not said student would eat such a thing or if they were even there today.

What other technology adoption cycles included greed as one of its major factors? I feel like FOMO has got to shift that normal distribution a bit.

You thought it was too late to get into Bitcoin, but you had the chance to be earlier than @elonmusk and you let it go.

Get in before the next billionaire.

I always feel like I'm being negged when I hit the "Buy Instantly" button on Swan.

"How much Bitcoin do you want?$1,000? $2.5K? How about a nice round $5K? Oh... you have $100... I guess we can do that."

What is the best way to buy Bitcoin using the balance on my @fold_app card? My first direct deposit just hit (after issues with the last) but now I'm concerned that I've allocated too much to spending and not enough in the account I use to buy from.

I have a large hex value sitting alone in my notebook program and I have no idea what it is for.

Pick and choose your stocks all you want. I'm just going to stack some sats.

Current status: turning down the radio so that I can smell better.

Current Status: Developer sitting through sales training.

When I was shopping for a new coffee maker this past weekend, I opted to pay like $10 more for the one that had the built in clock that would auto shut off. I feel so fancy, but talk about high time preference.

So who is doing all the cool stuff at the intersection of k8s and bitcoin? Is there some mailing list or telegram group or something I should be following?

Sad that my request to have my old bitcointalk account restored was denied, but considering AFAICT it was locked like 5 years ago and I'm just now noticing, I can't get too upset.

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