It is professionally inexcusable to administer a medication to a person against their will or to someone coerced to accept it.

If you are coerced into accepting an injection, tell the administering person you are under coercion to accept this jab and take their name. And report them to the state board for their profession.

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@hogihung you’d think coercion would be part of the exclusionary criteria for getting the jab.


If we had an honest justice system, this would be the easiest case ever:

Judge: "did your employer tell you that you would be fired if you did not get the vaccine? In other words, were you coerced, did not chose because you wanted the vaccine but because you were threatened with loss of a job, your livelihood?"

Fired Employee: "Yes your honor"

Case closed, give person their job back plus $250k damages and all court fees.

@hogihung @drgo This, but fuck the job at that point. You’d really want to go back to a tyrant?
Make it 500k and force them to help you find a job with a direct competitor.

@Full_node @drgo

sure can do that. Some people love their jobs, so I'd be ok with the option.


@hogihung @drgo Never had a job I would willingly go back to. Consider yourself lucky then.

@Full_node @hogihung I love my job. If bitcoin goes much higher, I’m doing it for free. Or a dollar a year or whatever…

@drgo @Full_node

many health care and education people I know, who don't want the coerced jab, love their jobs. They would go back if fired and were successful in court.

Or, the ones who can, will continue to do what they love but for a different company, or themselves, in another state if needed.

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