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@LeeroyPress People keep forgetting ..
we out number them
....Strength In Numbers...
at best there’s a few million nut jobs trying to rule the world👉🏼there’s 6.8 Billion of us who can stop them..😊

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COVID is the ultimate fall guy for 50 years of atrocious monetary policy.

They will not let this go till capitulation.

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I just realized this…Buffet was right! is rat poison. It’s what you use to kill something undesirable…namely fiat.

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Job openings in WA State under Inslee. These can't be good.

Isolation & Quarantine Strike Team Consultants (PS2) – Non-Permanent – DOH5814 g.co/kgs/XpgC7A

Isolation & Quarantine Strike Team Consultants (PS2) – Non-Permanent – DOH5814 g.co/kgs/2BsJ54

Public Health Strike Team Member – Project (EMPS 2) Multiple Positions (DOH5215) g.co/kgs/LEzBJY

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Two more rubber bullets to flatten the curve
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Australian 🇦🇺 non-pharmaceutical interventions to fight Covid:

Gotta say, this kid has a good eye for what is needed next when it comes to human value exchange…bitcoin fixes all sorts of stuff.


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I’m probably forgetting stuff, but some of our projects to :


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Marxists weren’t entirely stupid or entirely wrong. Marxism predicted the financial chicanery of late stage pseudo capitalism we see today.

Where Marxist shits the intellectual bed is that they decide the solution is to make government own everything for the benefit of the people. They don’t see pseudo capitalism as a result of a broken money.

fixes this.

The January 6th insurrection was so violent…that the only deaths were government men killing women…twice: youtu.be/bjeRLc56etw

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@pete @drgo instead of killing a few men who consented to a very risky mission, we are talking about possibly killing millions of perfectly healthy people who never consented to that risk.

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After the first reports of myocarditis the government of Canada determined more studies on the matter should be done before rushing to say the vax isn’t safe.

The University of Ottawa, by government request, did a very careful study with a stellar team of cardiologists.

The result is that the vaccine is not safe.

What will they do now?

Pretend it never happened? Assassinate the character of the doctors? Or pause delivery, at least for young men?

That’s the point of no return.

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Love this guys podcast. Speaks clearly enough to listen to at 3.5x @TheCryptoconomy

New conspiracy theory…actually, it’s probably an old one: make a virus and it’s vaccine and effectively hold the world hostage for billions.

Just wait until this becomes easy. It’ll happen eventually…and who is to say with 100% certainty it isn’t already?

People are getting tired of government response to covid and it’s tilting people’s thinking to sloppiness; stay rigorous. Sure there is some weird stuff out there but not everything is some crazy conspiracy.

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