People who say bitcoin is too complicated have not spent any time trying to understand the clusterfuck that is fiat currency and central banking

@drbitcoinmd This. Our current monetary system is confusing as fuck. I still don't understand half the shit that's mentioned in "The Big Short".

@aPerfect_System @drbitcoinmd you could argue the same thing for n00bs entering the Bitcoin rabbit hole... at least :bitcoin: is backed by math and open-source

@drbitcoinmd rube goldberg machinery only describes the complexity aspect of the fiat system, it still doesnt make justice to the value or even more the distortion of economic reality it conveys as a price information system

@drbitcoinmd plus, just read a standard bank account agreement and bitcoin makes a lot more sense, that thing is a hornet's nest

@parkeralewis you may be the first person in human history to actually read a standard bank account agreement

@drbitcoinmd i had to when i was setting up a bitcoin IRA with @vandrewattycpa, the irony

@parkeralewis @drbitcoinmd maybe if I had set up mine through @vandrewattycpa I wouldn't have this problem, but my latest transfer took a month because kraken first changed which transfer mechanisms I could use and then wouldn't accept a transfer from my LLC because it wasn't specifically in my name.

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