Sometimes I just want to shake people and say:

HEY! While you've been distracted by orange Hitler and Kung Flu, your life savings is evaporating, your livelihood is in serious jeopardy, and everything you want to better your life is increasing about 15-20% a year with no end in sight while your salary increases ~5% if you're lucky.


@drbitcoinmd I think the people are too focused on memes,,, i beat my head on the table to friends & family about evaporation of their purchasing power for years! The other day on facebook 1 friend said she didn't even know what bitcoin was!!! I said I keep talking about it!! If you don't understand what I am saying,, just tell me & i will break it down for you! - omg!!!

@drbitcoinmd the sad truth is that most people simply won't care because changing their situation would require that they put in a bare minimum amount of effort. It's usually too much for most people :(

@drbitcoinmd I hear yeah. Been screaming that people should put "20 bucks here, 20 bucks" there into btc for 3 yrs. I've managed to get 4-5 people to start.

Those of us with lesser means have no other option.

@drbitcoinmd The deep state plays it well, just keep the masses distracted. Cheap entertainment, cheap food, bread and circuses…. and even give them bullshit inconsequential issues to squabble and occupy themselves over like social justice, 15 different sexes and anything to keep them oblivious to the real struggle - never question the elites that actually rule. Once that happens, see how quickly its squashed.

@drbitcoinmd feels like most people are still asleep.

We’re the only ones awake.

@drbitcoinmd dude me too. When I bring it up with normies they just seem confused at what I’m saying. Can’t get through.

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