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Some bear practice in prep for my current commission

is anyone from this instance playing with peertube yet? I want to play around, but before I do so I figured I'd see if there was a bitcoin-centric server up already.

Was twitter always this bad, and I just refused to admit it in order to get my corn fix, or is it getting worse?

Unix/emacs keyboard shortcuts work when composing toots 💜💜💜

IMO, It should be our top priority to highlight this and not let them get bailed out, without investors and the public knowing they made this big error.

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Great video review about Bisq: Very clear and easy to understand description how to use Bisq.

Remember the flippening? 😂😂😂

THE BIGGEST MULTIBILLION CRYPTO SCAM IN HISTORY IS AN IPO! Selling 1M BCH to investors thinking that they are buying company shares! @BITMAINtech @JihanWu

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