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Lol! BCashists also realise that Bitmain is the Fed of BCash and think it is a GOOD idea.

@Dandelion Take THE bitcoin off the exchanges immediately. THAT IS NOT YOUR BITCOIN! If you do not hold the keys, you do not control the bitcoin and if you don't control it, it is not yours.

Trezor or Ledger are both popular among OGs and early adopters.

I cannot stress enough the need for you to take control of that bitcoin. I'm fucking serious.

Segwit adoption just popped to ATH 45.32% on 🚀😎

Helping bcash not only propped up that scam, but it also artificially prolonged the life of bad actors Bitmain so they can potentially IPO. Remember ASICBOOST and the Patent? I guess someone didn't. This is the Bitcoin equivalent of a Central Bank bailout of a failing company, that will now continue to drain resources and poison against Bitcoin. They should have been allowed to fail and liquidate. Then someone ethical would have bought them out and made them beneficial.

Is anyone else out there testing as well? Or is there any technical feedback on the platform?

Just saw the DASH price. Lol. Down here, we all shill our bags. And you’ll shill too!

I would like to propose no Twittering on here. Please.

I can't deny that the federated timeline is getting weird, but I can't be the only person that likes that; I've had to ban keywords, and mute a couple people already who's content doesn't interest me, but I love the surprise of what pops up over there.

I just wish there was a timed mute; being able to mute someone for a day / week / month, their content may change, or I may.

Although I have no way of knowing if anyone did... nm

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I just added a filter for [HASHTAG]furry to my profile, would someone mind saying the word furry (without the hashtag) so I can see how granular the filter is.

@kelbie seems like Tusky just uploads the image (sometimes after a quick resize if it's too big). I'll work on that as soon as I have some spare time!

Hopefully with the Bitcoin community jumping into mastodon, some PR to improve its privacy/safety will come 💪

People encouraging TOR / VPN usage
F-Droid Presence
Cypherpunk Ethos
No Shitcoins
Clunky media integration.

I'm in love

I wish the furries would tag their shit so I could stop it all at once...

@Dennis @stark @imjmiles @lightning_scot Noooooooo!

Nooooo. Bad idea! There is not a person who followed me on Twitter who would doubt this is me here. We need to train ourselves to identify ourselves by essence, personality, tone, etc imo. Names, IDs, etc are what can be faked. My voice is my passport. ;)

@mattodell I am so giddy. I hold no expectations but am just enjoying hanging out with buddies at a party where I actually like the people and feel pretty comfortable. It's been a couple of years since I felt like that in the Bitcoin Twitterverse. And the clunkiness of Mastodon reminds me of bitcoin in the early days when we were fueled by optimism and ideals and "pretty good" was pretty fucking awesome.

Blatantly stolen from Kevin Pham, he can have it back when he returns to Mastodon

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