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Some bear practice in prep for my current commission

@mydogisahusky @nvk
waht are the chances of using this (or a similar logo) to replace the mastodon in the lower left corner of our screens?

Lol, poor Kurt doesn't have his privacy settings on...

Yes! Find an instance with similar interest to you, it makes the whole experience 100x better.

You can block the entire server in your settings.
But it may make more sense if the person following just makes another profile. (hint hint)
A desktop app with multiple accounts would / will probably help this a bunch though.

is anyone from this instance playing with peertube yet? I want to play around, but before I do so I figured I'd see if there was a bitcoin-centric server up already.

Was twitter always this bad, and I just refused to admit it in order to get my corn fix, or is it getting worse?

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