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here's a vidoe of a chicken hitting a piano while someone plays music over it

'If you generate heat without mining, you are wasting energy.'
RT @[email protected] There are thousands of airports, with tons of heating required to maintain the planes. Some say is a natural disaster. I say, $BTC allows us to finally reduce waste.

If you generate heat without mining, you are wasting energy.

It's 28th of October and everybody is celebrating the 100th anniversary of Czechoslovakia. Meanwhile, I am finalizing the new firmware for Trezor, which will be released tomorrow. Independent organizational structures built on top of a truly decentralized economy are the future!

This isn't only about our financial autonomy, or protecting ourselves against the abuses of the current monetary systems. This is also about protecting our children and their children against future censorship and discrimination.

We have hundreds of years of history to learn from. Let's be proactive this time. I sincerely believe we have a chance to materially improve our and future freedom.

Some bear practice in prep for my current commission

is anyone from this instance playing with peertube yet? I want to play around, but before I do so I figured I'd see if there was a bitcoin-centric server up already.

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