@mydogisahusky You're totally right! Depending on which level you are educating you will have to adapt your instruments. Not one will fit for all

- Extra: with the use of your passport you can open addresses and make transactions


I've used another oversimplification before:
- You, your very self are a private key. As long as you own your DNA no one else can be you (Keep your private key offline)
- Your passport is your public key and is derived from yourself. It's not possible to generate a passport of someone else and a passport can be verified against the private key (photo) to verify if it belongs to the private keys it claims to belong to.


@duudl3 Like I said, I don't know the goal of your project. If this fits you, go ahead!

I'm glad you aren't saving a private keys (hashed or not) from a keypair. That's where this conversation started.

@duudl3 I can't access dreadditevelidot.onion for some reason...

Anyway, I'm not saying it won't work, but there are reasons why you would prefer to do it differently.

@duudl3 Have you considered to use a public/private keypair?

@duudl3 I don't consider something offline when it's stored on my internet connected device.

@duudl3 Sure I do, otherwise we wouldn't be talking here.

I only speak about private keys in the context of a private/public keypair.

Looks like I don't know the end goals of your project.

@duudl3 So your "private key" is just another password. Why not use a keypair? Anything that touches the internet is doomed to be exploited. I want to keep my private key offline.

@fraying Keeping you in mind! I've got a side project that that might need some designs at some point

@duudl3 @loon3 Just verify the signature with the public key?

Hi @internaut, nice to meet another fellow of the SFDEA here! What's your current mission if I may ask?

@nvk That's what I thought. Sure, wasn't a motion of distrust against you. Just technically.

Unfortunately not able to play with an instance myself atm...

Don't trust. Verify.

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How much control/power has a Mastondon instance owner? Looks like there is still little verification going on.

@nvk can you toot in my name? You have my permission to try.

@alonsovalencia Here you go: 62cwau56zfsnbeyh4ds7a6qqhciirpyl4ijzy754jf34cvd4la5akjid.onion/

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@alan8325 Is compression now a violation of free speech?

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