NEWS ALERT: Sci-Hub has created a censorship-resistant Handshake gateway available at sci-hub.hns!

Connect directly via
Connect via a
gateway (uptime not guaranteed!):

@Sovereignhominin @sovereignmind
think you'll find this interesting

@dora @Sovereignhominin @sovereignmind Love it. I've been DCAing HNS for months and now 50% up 😅😢 I wanna buy more. Don't like the increase. But it proves that not everything is shitcoin. There might be up to 3 to 5 useful coins out of the 10,000 😂 HNS is the obvious one, still cheap, simple, solves hair on fire problem, doesn't have ambition to do everything. It is a bitcoin fork for domain names.

@bitcoineagle sounds interesting for sure. Need to look into this.

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