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Here's the song that I wrote for Wasabi Wallet. I could have done better with the vocal production, but I got sick of listening to it over and over and released it like this:

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to Fiat converter by @djbooth007

I often find it difficult to convert a certain amount of bitcoin or satoshis into Euro or USD. Yes, I also struggle 😉 Now there is an easy solution:

I made a new app called xSATS, a bitcoin to fiat converter.

🍉 Live currency conversion.
🍒 SAT/BTC to 27 fiat pairs.
🍕 Mobile friendly.
🥑 Simple, yet powerful.

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January 12th update of top song bidders:

1. @ciprian – 50.001 sats

2. @SanakTony – 50.000 sats

3. @jeremy – 42069 sats

4. @djbooth007 – 21.021 sats

5. @alyssa – 10.000 sats

6. @pete – 2000 sats

7. @criptobastardo – 1000 sats

8. @kristapsk – 1000 sats

9. @cloudatio – 1000 sats

10. @yegorpetrov – 10 sats

11. @drgo – 8 sats

12. @BTCparadigm – 2 sats

I only have 10 spots that will go to the highest bidders.

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Support me and the first venetian BTC node on
Now this crowdfunding accepts also donations on
High voltage sign, with NO third parties and NO fees!

Thanks to
for the support!

Check it out

New followers on Mastodon, my bot @bitcoinedu has been posting here for a few years. Give it a follow too.

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Since we're not allowed to meet in real life, silencing us on the internet is silencing us completely.

My bot @bitcoinedu is still running here on Mastodon! It's sweet to see code "just work" even after a year and half of forgetting about it. :bitcoin: 😍

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"Imagining that central banks can prevent, combat or manage recessions is as fanciful and misguided as placing pyromaniacs and arsonists in charge of the fire brigade." - Saifedean Ammous

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Just got locked out of Twitter ... again ... because of this tweet, and so was @exiledsurfer for giving me a heads up on the article.

You can't make this up.

Gabor Gurbacs digital asset strategist/director at VanEck on Noded 20.0 said “once our ETF comes out”. Note he didnt say “if”. @NodedPodcast @pierre_rochard @bitstein

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Bitmain has a million bitches but a bitcoin aint one.

This is an attempt at ‘saving face’. Then every day since he continues to tweet bullshit and lies about bitcoin. There’s a word for a guy like this here in Australia. Starts with C and ends in UNT.

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