"Time is a precious thread in the fabric of the universe. It deserves its own tool of meASureMeNT!"

h/t gmaxwell (who got it from reddit he tells me):
visualization of entire history of #bitcoin 's utxo set:



the [email protected] (not bitcoin-dev) mailing list is now officially an announcements list

it was already *effectively* an announcements list for a long time—no discussion ever happened on it—but it is set up as moderated now

so if you are interested in a low-traffic list for notifications of releases, release candidates and security warnings, subscribe to:


it would be good to be prepared for the moment that bitcoincore.org comes under attack, exploiting legal or other loopholes

it's not a matter of *if*, but *when*

it's a bit of a single point of failure which makes it an attractive target for people on a crusade against bitcoin

if you want to help, make mirrors (can we do something like "deterministic verifiable builds for websites"?), host the files, seed the torrents, show them what censorship resistance means

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