Tesla buys $1.5B worth of and is going to start accepting payments in it soon 🚀

The full report that Tesla submitted to the SEC today to confirm their $1.5B buy and they they will start accepting it as a form of payment can be found here:

Tesla’s $1.5 acquisition means that they decided to store 7.7% of their gross cash or 15.1% of their net cash in
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According to the most recent 10K filing, @Tesla had cash & equivalents of $19.4 billion (gross), or $98 billion (net of debt and finance leases).

Using these figures as a reference, $1.5 billion in represents an allocation of 7.7% on gross cash or 15.1% on net cash.…

Was Tesla the entity that behind the two huge ~30k BTC (combined) withdrawals from Coinbase last week? 👀
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$1.5 Billion ≈ 38k BTC (assuming the price was 39k)

Speculative guess but I think 30k $BTC Coinbase outflows went to @Tesla

Chart 👉

@dilutionproof he tweets about Doge and buys Bitcoin - smart thats how you keep the price low

@yukiame Yeah I think he might have messed up a bit by adding to his bio a bit early and needed to make it seem like a joke to cool down the euphoria before they were done buying 😅

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