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This 🧵 contains references to my related content, which I will keep extending over time - so it is basically my own Proof-of-Work time chain ⛓️

Click on "show this thread" & have fun! 👇

Apparently Soul Bind Tokens (SBTs), which are NFTs that can’t be moved, may be the new thing

E.g.; (NFTs of) college degrees shouldn’t move hands

However, if the proof that I own the degree (SBT) is still a digital signature & I give you my sig, wouldn’t that still be the case?
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What is the future of Ethereum?

Last week, Vitalik Buterin co-published a paper predicting Ethereum's future.

I read the 37-page pap…

Good video to better understand the current monetary policy of the FED and how it impacts 👀
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TODAY on an epic Alpha Beta Soup, we're talking econ:

💸 Bitcoin + QT
💰 The wealth effect
🏠 Home prices vs Income
🛍️ Consumer strength
🗒️ The Fed's plan

Pour a beverage and keep a second close by. Lots to discuss, friends!

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2/2 When split per 4-year halving cycle, we see that BPT 🌡️ rose early but never peaked as high as previous cycles

The result of naturally dampening 4-year volatility, an unfavorable broader macro-economic landscape, or perhaps both? 🤷‍♂️

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1/2 As anyone sees by now, the Price Temperature (BPT) 🌡️ has cooled off drastically & is even nearing its freezing point at ~$21.2k ❄️

No guarantees that price will do a full 4-year mean reversion, but there's confluence for a potential bottom in the mid-to-low $20k's

Interesting career switch from leading efforts to build a stablecoin for Facebook to starting a -focused company 👀
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I wanted to share that we are starting a new company called @lightspark to explore, build and extend the capabilities and utility of . As a first step, we’re actively assembling a team to dive deeper into the Lightning Network. (1/3)

Amidst downside price exploration of Coinbase's stock price following bearish earnings reports, the "Coinbase Premium" (difference between Coinbase's BTCUSD & Binance's BTCUSDT pairs) is at a discount not seen since mid-2019 🐻

An alarm bell 🚨, or an arbitrage opportunity ⚖️?

balances on spot (🟩) and derivatives (🟥) exchanges, as per @cryptoquant_com

Interesting divergence over the last couple of days. Could be a visualization of funds getting sucked up by derivatives exchanges as the result of margin calls during the current dip?

My thoughts are with the retail traders and speculators that fell for the flashy marketing and over-confident promises related to ✌️

If you ever wondered where "toxic Bitcoin maximalism" comes from; it is this type of crap, often even an attempt to prevent casualties 👎

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I've seen a fair amount of questionable altcoin rug-pulls and implosions over the years, but this rise and fall of is probably in a league of its own

At least we have a real blockspace market again now! 😅
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The mempool is currently "full" which means that network nodes with the default setting of 300MB memory size will kick out and reject low fee transactions currently at 2 sat/vB and lower.

Oh, and don’t toy around with leverage - especially in this environment

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If you aren’t bearish enough on “crypto” yet read this thread 🤒

These shenanigans don’t imply to but a collapse is ofc not good for price short-term ❌

Awesome discounts from long-term perspective though ✅

Stay humble, stack sats & don’t put in money you need soon™
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Tether is struggling to hold its Peg.

It is hurting all Crypto

BTC $27,700
ETH $1,919

Markets are expecting the FED to hike rates all year long, all the way up to 3%

Can the markets handle this without too much mayhem?

Would the FED remain disciplined regardless?

Could they change course as soon as inflation cools down?

Either way; all 👀 on the FED this year
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100% of a 50bps hike on May 4 to 0.75%–1.00%
100% of a 75bps hike on Jun 15 to 1.50%–1.75% (10% of a 100bps hike!)
100% o…

Interesting field study, where the authors conclude that adoption of as a medium is exchange in El Salvador 🇸🇻 is low & declining

One caveat is that it is *very* early to draw “definitive” conclusions. Lets monitor the process & readdress in a few years ✌️
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Here's the definitive study of El Salvador's bitcoin experiment. To measure bitcoin usage, the authors rely on survey data gathered from face-to-face interv…

The Central African Republic’s 🇨🇫 adoption of as legal tender is even more interesting when you know a little about their (monetary) history 👀

@gladstein’s September 2021 @bitcoinmagazine piece on this is now mandatory reading material:

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