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This 🧵 contains references to my related content, which I will keep extending over time - so it is basically my own Proof-of-Work time chain ⛓️

Click on "show this thread" & have fun! 👇

This account was just suspended. It took Twitter almost 2 months to realize the obvious, giving the impersonator a pretty big window to (unfortunately; successfully) scam people.

Better late then never, I suppose, but I really do hope that @TwitterSupport will improve in this
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I'm getting DMs that @dilutlonproof (with a lower case L in place of the 2nd i) is scamming people by pretending to be me 🚨

You can spot…

50% discount 👀
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New ATH milestone of 5,000 BTC unspent capacity in Whirlpool!

Use the discount code 5KWINNING for 50% off all mix fees from today until August 5th 🌀

Interesting; looks like more experienced (>2.5y) market participants are more likely to think that the current price trajectory is relatively normal cyclical behavior than less experienced market participants
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~50% think this is a normal cycle and an excellent buying opportunity like in 2012, 2015, and 2019.
~50% think cycles are dead, this time is different.

Which group are you and since when do you…

This man deserves a deep bow for all his work on
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To be clear: I won't stop contributing to code, review, and all the projects I'm involved in. It just so happens I'm not doing much maintenance anymore, so it's time to drop my permissions.

This is absurd 🤯 How is this case not completely obvious @TwitterSupport?

I guess kicking scammers off their is just not aligned with their incentives 🤷‍♂️ Cheers to hoping that @elonmusk can actually fix this in the future

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I'm getting DMs that @dilutlonproof (with a lower case L in place of the 2nd i) is scamming people by pretending to be me 🚨

You can spot scammers by these small tweaks in the username, approaching you via DM trying to sell you something 🧐

Also, please report @dilutlonproof 🙏

Matt is doing a great job with his honest & data-driven market analyses 👏

If you’re not subscribed or following, you’re missing out 👀
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The CryptRowe Newsletter #14 is out today. Check le inboxes, subscribe, or click this link below.

🟠 On-Chain & TA
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Price Temperature (BPT) update 🌡️

Price has fully reset to the 4-year moving average at a similar post-halving date to cycle 1 ('12-'16) ❄️

If the cycle 3 follows a similar BPT-trajectory to cycles 1 & 2, we could see price hang around here for another 6-8 months 😴

Definitely not deploying any capital - steady lads
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Justin Sun's algo stable is depegging pretty hard right now.

Steady lads.


Exhibit B
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1 vote
Worth ~$700k
Making up ~90% of total votes
Deciding the fate of $270m in users assets

Welcome to governance.

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Great timing Kraken, I’m sure that going massively leveraged long on ApeCoin is exactly what your customers need right now 😬
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New contracts live on Kraken Futures:

✅ ApeCoin ($APE)
✅ Waves ($WAVES)
✅ NEAR Protocol ($NEAR)

Get exposure without owning the underlying asset. Transfer USD, BTC, ETH or USDT into your Futures wallet today to get started.

*Geo restrictions apply

Looks like anything that can be delevered will be delevered right now 😅
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Funding rate of shorting on @Binance is negative 500% APR. @trondaoreserve will deploy 2 billion USD to fight them. I don't think they can last for even 24 hours. Short squeeze is coming.

Just in case: I'm not trying to say here that will necessarily bottom here if it reaches the 200 WMA (current macro-economic circumstances are unprecedented in history IMO), just pointing out an interesting confluence

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The Relative Strength Index (RSI) on the weekly chart is flirting with oversold (<30) levels

has closed below this only 2x in its history, both of which were in weeks where it wicked & bottomed below the 200 week moving average (currently: $22.4k) as well👀

Fun fact: I first learned about @edstromandrew and his book in early 2020 after he appeared on @heavilyarmedc's podcast

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Always nice to discover new intellectual gems on Bitcoin Twitter!

I like the explanation of Bitcoin having high “short-term volatility” (rapid price changes in this phase) but low “long-term volatility” (predictable and finite supply that should be stable when fully adopted) 👏 https://twitter…

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This book by @edstromandrew was on my reading list for >2 years. Can't believe it took me this long to actually find time to read it 😅

A lot has happened since it came out (Sep '19), but it is still an accurate & accessible intro to from an investment perspective 👏

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