Got my 3. vaccination shot yesterday. Feeling very well and safe from
Please also you get your shot!
Vaccines are one of the greatest medical advances, take part in it.

@emzy gretz that you one of the lucky ones that took the odds of 1/5000 and had no problems at all.
I can not remember in Modern times that any *vaccine* had such serious effects compared to the chances in younger groups to get fast serious damages from the disease.
Considering that vaccinated will statically catch covid anyway too, i wonder if the mRNA vax is more a shitcoin derivative of established vaccination models than anything else?

@emzy this study here computes the odds to 1/7500 ( 134 on 1Mil) and on a gov site i guess from GER or AUT not sure it's called BMG? I saw overall 1 to 5000, i have do dig this.
For now this new study has the odds only for Myocarditis at 1 to 7500 afaics

@dflate afaik this is a mild side effect and you know how to treat that. That is the difference. The number of people die from the vaccine is much lower. Also compared of people die from the virus. So you have to consider what risk to take. And I will always take the vaccine before the illness.

@emzy that is a myth, ppl die also in numbers even if tripple vaxxed almost random if vaxxed or not, i know hard to prove since that patient data is secret, but i guess you will like me find your ways to look at original actual ICU or clinic data, it's shocking and not what we are told, sorry but i am almost sure we are gamed, and the splitting of society's or some other attack shit on what we believe is going on, what i saw remembers me on the Film 3 Days of The Condor. imho it's total serious.

@dflate So you have no prove for you claims here. The rest reads like a conspiracy theory. I'm sorry for you, I have noting else to say.

I just trust my doctors on medical topics like this.


@emzy on birdsite @braindoc303 a medic has posted some original data from a medium german hospital afaics, but the problem seam to be global.

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@dflate I just don't want to end up in an hospital without any good treatment for Covid. I just got the vaccine and so the change for that is now very slim to none. Why not get the vaccine? I just don't understand that, it is the best option.

@emzy exactly, there should be the priority, we are mortal anyway from Day one we know that, so we want to have fun and a chilling time until that happens anyway, states otoh live for ever, so they tent if bad constituted to make live fro humans a horror , for instance my observation is that covid and measures most suck in country's where health care is a pure biz with wrong incentives that gen most revenue when ppl are long term sick. imho

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