Got my 3. vaccination shot yesterday. Feeling very well and safe from
Please also you get your shot!
Vaccines are one of the greatest medical advances, take part in it.

@emzy gretz that you one of the lucky ones that took the odds of 1/5000 and had no problems at all.
I can not remember in Modern times that any *vaccine* had such serious effects compared to the chances in younger groups to get fast serious damages from the disease.
Considering that vaccinated will statically catch covid anyway too, i wonder if the mRNA vax is more a shitcoin derivative of established vaccination models than anything else?

@emzy and considering that the spike proteins are now even found in the nucleus ( where all said that can't be possible), damanging the mitochondria ATP cycle and the telomeres like we where expecting from Day one, i am highly wary that promoting something like that to a non vulnerable audience is such a good idea, sure it's your personal opinion, and i will fight for your right to say that, but please do some DYR, or/and take some time to prove me wrong.

@dflate I don't know about that. But the Virus itself is also effecting the Brain. So better have a controlled amount of exposure of spike proteins than have the whole virus reproducing itself uncontrolled.


@emzy for sure it does attack almost any tissue exposing ACE2, to evade this virus at all would be key, otoh there seam to be super immune who might survive this anyway and give clues to better treatments hopefully.

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