Time's up on for me.
Not going to continue isolation - it's not worth it anymore.
This has gone on too long, COVID is mostly passed, and worst case we have treatments now.

I was around other people today.
Without a mask.

(Still going to take it gradual though)

@lukedashjr if you still wear a mask when you don’t have to, truth me told, you’ve effectively been brainwashed. At this point it’s a psychosis.


@jakub @lukedashjr sorry, to spoil the party, we will at some point know who's effected and what's really going on, to have been cautious wo/ medication was surely a wise move.
Is it now wise to be total careless? I guess not.
We hear of a lot of value Health professionals that commit suicide bcs they can not bare being part of what they believe is a genocide. The spike proteins whether produced by the virus or the vaccine attack the telomers, i am almost sure we will see a lot of cancer soon.

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