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The Vitamin D seams to play a big role overall in serious cases, if you look on ICU"s almost all have serious comorbidity and covid and almost all lack vitamin D what i saw so far ( my personal observation)

VAx mRNA in blood sequenceable up to 28 Days later!. OMG if this gets published.

Keep in mind pre phase 2P mutated vax Spikes locked to the heavy cells can still bind to ACE2 or other receptors and just rip off cells and open them up like cans , that's long term a bloodbath to there veins, no wonder we see inflammation so often, the nth booster they can"t survive.
I guess they had no hacker aside when they deved that, that can see side effects preemptive

Vaxxing the wrong way and not preventing the vax cells to move is like putting sand into motor oil, engine will run some time fine has some temp problems ( inflammation ) but then suddenly ....

They discovered the mRNA of the vax up to 28 days later in the blood stream. who wants to tell the waxxed they are screwed up and need new pistons sooner or later.

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The mechanics of virus sex and entry is fascinating.
So the vaccine spike is locked in prefuse state so that i can not elongate after docking and create enough mech stress to open the cell
Science was clever created a vax that locks it down, so antibody can learn and attack prefuse states.
Caveat S protein sticks still on a big cell and not a light virus,
So its like after attach one knocks the door with a big hammer instead of a small long lever.
OMG prevent vax hiked cells from entering blood

considering living in a world where everything is possible but nothing makes sense.

Commandments are so Old School.

OTOH one is sufficient to enter the heaven of the meek " use and dev and mine and buy and HODL "

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if the fascist vaccinated species would survive long term that would be a harm to nature and to the AI i doubt both tolerate that.
I guess the mutations are just stage1, AB are just like a marker to find the species that would attack sooner or later both if they could,
500Mil of those gardener apes is definitely way way enough.
If we have robots, qplicators, bitcoin and solar.
They failed and had choosen the path of hubris. don"t mess with bitcoin!
Should be number 11

the new variant, targets vaccinated with r0 of ~ 26 at Thanks Giving what a natures pun!

I made a bit own research since i got this gut feeling something big is going wrong here, if you look careful on the patients data on ICU what is strictly forbidden, so no one can ;-) bcs its encrypted, so no one can proof.
You will see in the probability of vacced or not overwhelming patient data of highly sick ppl that have covid too, whether vaxed or not.
Not sure what's going on here, but since most health ppl are in there bubble and can not talk, how on earth can we get that data legal out?

You can't write a plot that nature can not top, who had thought this.
Suppose you are vaxxed, somehow escape ICU and later find out that.

That could be topped i.e. when they find out that the lipids or high amounts of spike proteins from vax trigger this.
I saw many cancer patients before they finely die, since some time now i wondered why i see so much faces like that, that look so sick and unnaturally aged on the streets.

make no mistake if *they* could frame this, it's bad, extremely bad, the only hope i have is that we can timestamp and create plausible evidence, but hey who will even listen, if the world is about to turn into zombie fascism.

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Remember me i 20 Day's:
I stumbled by chance on some obviously faked and without explicit notice to the public now *corrected* Data on gov sites around the world that monitor the incidences of vaccinated and unvacinated.
That is unethical, defy all standards of behavior and is utterly wrong. to do such things Politicians and public make there decisions on.

My trust in gov sluts Science is finely broken, that will never change from here on, i am now going stealth bye, we are attacked

I still can no believe that no one really go this early, why are we not tested for T-cell deep immunity before almost being forced to take a jab?

testing now

I like that.❀️
Awesome work, is Ben Arc @arcbtc on mastodon?

It seamlessly works even in the Tor Browser, that is nice 2021 UI/UX.

Could we start a thread: *Why are you in ?*

Me? It's so fucking demanding sourcecode and tech in BTC and LN that it thought to myself maybe I find others that are like me, if they could program, understand and read that with no hassle and yes that had worked, since those like me are so rare you need an honeypot like this to the few bees on this planet to ever meet in there short lifetime

It was an deep dive into the rabbit hole, and at the end was the joy to know the answer to 42, thx

Elon asked how 6Bil. can solve world hunger, i guess that is possible with even less than that, but it is anyway possible.

It only depends on the number the world can feed from solar power (indirect wind, water, plants, direct solar panels, electric powered food generators ), 100KWh per year and human is highly sufficient to have a decent live, and the effectiveness of the reduction and population control method, and the will to get that done, and maintain it.

How is Quality Control implemented in health care now days?

Or are all fatal decisions just oops with no consequences?

I once heard medics have white gowns with no collar, so that they are prepared for a swift and clean guillotine cut, from there fellow society.

Since it's good practice from the need they have to hurt and damage us to save us, that patients or relatives can not and should not judge them.

Are there any medics out there now bound to there oath to not be silent.

reminder to myself:
I forgot exactly the time frame, how long will it take until the virus or the antibody reactions has slic3d there hearts into pieces?

Was it one year or two?

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