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, so you think wtf can happen, we just meet outdoors.

Nop, say hello to mutation Alpha Epsilon Delta (E) i guess only North American fellow students see the the sinister pun line here.πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

the trend is anyway a lagging indicator.
You just do it, and fail or not.

private log:

I went to some city's and looked around and what i saw was eyes and movements of wild animals in an uncomfortable situation and not the relaxed humans i remembered to be the norm. strange.

I remember i liked Apple when it was dead for the new OS and the cool design, but what boosted it to moon was stupid songs in cool design.
probably underestimate the stupid deplorable just want to have a simple language and realm that comfort them in there disrepair and pain *we* woke elites inflict anyway upon them and also child's of elites fame and desire factor in NFT.πŸ€”

Bitcoin is the true and only secure sustainable NFT condo, if we just would have a simple cool protocol for that.

I will wait at the end of the rabbit hole, the decisions has to be made in 100% consensus, i guess blocktime will by then even be larger than 256bit. So take your *time* be curious explore every edge, love, war ,peace and rock 'n' roll. :bitcoin: πŸš€

... with Grover oracles and smart high *temp* simple DIY QC we can change , reset and create everything, when we programable delete permanent half of the past we don't like, but we still know it's an illusion, our love and pain for live creates.

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in our innerst we know this universe is right mined an unsustainable illusion, only when ignoring facts and the truth we can live, it's a tragedy and the truth is that all is false, we love *pain*, because it's love ❀️ with whom we measure and create reality.

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who had thought this?

Or in others words, how to say oops, they screwed it up, but it's not that simple and a different integration process than expected, they learned a lot new things.
But sorry it's even worse than we thought, jabbed are fucked permanent and lets find some good lawyers and let's hope many get infected to mitigate against the worse, so now it makes sense why they open upped so many way's to get infected and allow jabbed to skip testing.

disturbing graphical 

being a nocoiner and taking an experimental gene therapy to just go faster shopping or on vacation, and almost steer the world into biblical doomsday ID scenarios, is maybe the test of faith we did not expect, but hey, if God is bitcoin, did we really expect less in these obvious pre singularity Days?

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At some point an antibody test will be sufficient, and you will be marked with mRNA replicators as or other shit immune.

Since it's not that easy in RT to scan for T-cells or solid immunity deep in bones, and OTOH states will need fast tracking.

At least they on the constant drug needle πŸ’‰ now, will not refuse gene targeting and the minority will be forced anyway, that's how shit happens on your ward, when masses are unstoppable in fear, the classic shit cycle.
I hope it will cure cancer

Sure your world will not change *that* fast, but to have non custodial access to some just in case, is not the worst of all decisions that young people have to do anyway now.

... had this shower thought, what if all creative smart and educated humans comply to the max, and do party too, and make the world a fucking horror show within weeks?

It's quite obvious that smart people can cope with crises better, so there is even some incentive.

Hey, Neo, wake the fuck up out of your matrix.
RT @mir_btc

Oh wait no,
it'll soon become reality in Italy.
Just in the middle of summer.

here my complex & thought out analysis of the situation:


Not they where not warned to rush blind into things, for sure now that the method is accepted, since the zombies will and must from now on take any jab to comply, some chance are there to mitigate the consequences of the first jab, but hey, i call that jab horror, and for sure they are on the needle and can be milked as all drug addicts, a vicious cycle old money had unleashed upon the slaves.

When the hate changes to love❀️ it will be for sure to late, and I will as always, like Satoshi did too, have moved to other things, and *they* have now something new to keep low profile.πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

No idea, if that will ever change, and the whole universe will be in consensus.

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