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Keep in mind @lukedashjr would probably, reminded all on Twitter to update there nodes before TAPROOT final activation.
Or otherwise be careful with leverage or balances.

Just saying...

gretz! to @lukedashjr you managed finely to get on *real solid danger to the system* list .πŸ‘‹ 😎 ✌️

To even think about silence peaceful bright law abiding critical thinking ppl like you, that where so often on the watch and prevented uncounted times mayhem is a grave mistake.

... so fast data processing is only useful to manage ID's?
Why the fuck is the *they want to be God* motive so appealing?

ETF for sure have big potential and maybe are intended to create new lows, will I buy this dips?
I ❀️ 2

@nvk is correct, they do not understand time chain.

They know we look at them nose up, and love to have those once or more in a lifetime grin moment from there Lambos at us, knowing for sure what part of there early in life hurt soul they sold, thinking in the bubble or for themselves they made it.

They made what, we can not take?

You can't seize .

So you are not smart, live is hard and you want to make a lasting manna fortune without HODLING at least some small amounts of too?

How about something that last medium or short terms?
Socialize with a small group of your kind to have leverage on individuals and rob or scam them, and then later *enjoy* in the ever repeating dreams in your lonely cell the moments you *made it*, before have been robbed and scammed too.
Or just entertain them lousy and be forgotten.

World: I give a shit if they get poor and i am rich, i won, worldcoin.

Heaven: HODL, no need for scamming 25% p.a NGU inherent implemented πŸš€ :bitcoin: 🀞 😎 ✌️

Breaking news: the ORBS distribution in worldcoin consumes to much energy the ORB 2.0 *mare luna* fork will have an hybrid of POS and POW. VC freaked out from the buzzword bingo funding secured. 🀣 🀣 🀣

Stop Calling Everything AI, Machine-Learning Pioneer Says

Well I said that years ago because what people call AI and ML is nothing but an ordinary algorithm, nothing more.

Fascinating that the *first contact* and universe wide Bitcoin will happen simultaneously, what did is mind blowing in every sense, how could ppl only think it's about money?

Moon? Think bigger, way bigger ...

Only one was in this of my life's constantly able to get me in awe, meek and almost kneeing mode.
Without the Internet we would have probably never noticed each other.
He helped me indirect so much to overcome final Quantum, math and physics frontiers, with his never lasting well of ideas and brilliance and especially 53 float bits and howto store information quantum gravity safe

How could it fucking be that this soul, behind those kind sparkling laser eyes of his meat puppet, is older than me?

There is only few things Dictators have to fear, it's when they do something with force and it fails in the open, showing there weakness, and if they deprive there ppl some obvious easy opportunities, other nations are granted for free
The problem in classic communism is that trust is an liability asset, if no one has individual assets there is no trust, and that's why they lack solidarty and gratefulness

solves that, why can't they just agree and join the inevitable way to prosperity?

2 Billion fearmongered Lemmings went over the rushed to Vax cliff, they still are still alive since the cliff is that high, for sure they where for now not wrong and *must* be right?.

Ask yourself, when will you jump 2, at what point are you just wrong, even if all your gut and lot of data says something stinks to hell, and you also must except they where all fucking smart economic and time preference wise?

And if in the end they all where wrong, can you few clear the mess for them?

Is it ok to deprive total healthy humans from social live because they are potentially but with no higher prob than others an abstract danger?
Where is on that?

Iirc we had in law all over the world the assumption that only factual proven dangers and not abstract or a proof of absence count, otherwise everyone could be imprisoned because she could be with high probability i.e a factual murderer given the poorer or colored she are?
Where are the tests to prove sterilizing immunity?

OTOH hand if those few want Bitcoin not to be at Hal prediction highs before singularity, what if?

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If you bet against you bet against the 1000 highest IQ's, education and skills on that planet, how smart is that, on the long term?

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