later historians will call it the green wall box TRC massacre🀣 πŸš€ :bitcoin:

oh, OTOH i wait until utxo sets can be downloaded from torrents and blockchains just timestamp from genesis upward hashes of valid uxto sets and there torrent hash.

No one needs full nodes, we can have by that 10000000x 10000000x times 1000000x, with instant accounting, 🀣 what possible can go wrong here, when i want to save the planet? πŸ€£πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

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the savior, that single handed killed the evil financial old system disruptor, the evil environment Dragon, just with mighty words, like a god that had a twitter account and some spare Billions, how EPIC is that?

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taking in account all other options to have ur own inflation stable coin, premine or ICO or other shit, his move was quite smart, and he even got a nice meme and a liquid young userbase on top.
If he can brand it green and then moon it, ppl will fast forget all this shit and hail the planet saver, and if the price see only one way and that is up, until his pumping billions fade and real mining must fix the price, he wins, OTOH hand this can work only like any gov coin that is not permissionless

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every car manufacture will have it's own biz corp backed KYC token, to profit from the friction and exchange fees.

If had bought all available doge coins for some Billion or less OTC long ago, he could easy mine to himself or whom he like the blockrewards with fees he pays and just make almost risk free the market in his casino, since no one else can dump on him and why should the charity whales as long as he fix the price and pay u for *green* work.

That's just biz, nothing personal.

Good thing, DOGS fight hard and brutal and then respect the stronger King and never revert that decision.

what u can do is have a small volume coin i.e ltc or green dog or btc(n) that serves niche small fragmented biz token markets with average tx value adapted security and by that shard in effect bitcoin, if u take all in consideration why not value shard bitcoin with forks to lower fees?, and see there we are, tons of shitcoins out there already doing exactly this, not realizing that it is bitcoin what they promote and sell as the hashing power they unleash is free to choose what finally to mine.

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even if u merge mine and peg to a more valuable coin and accept low security/value, u still have the incentive if ur coin gets track and adoption to burn roundabout (coinbase reward/block + fees/tx * number of tx/block) in KW price * blocktime that will always be a lot of energy. u can not scale bigger than the main chain and at the end the main chain is bitcoin.
And when u demand i.e. green energy certificates u just open the hell for fraud and censorship. u can not own keys that's a fact.

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how lucky we are, when we can say finaly, no gov, no biz scam FUD, not even the richest smartest? man on earth could have stopped how hard they try they fail, since they do not understand that u can not buy and own bitcoin. few.

humans on global scale lack common education and knowledge and that creates more and more friction, before we go to mars we should build and finance a ton of schools and demand a minimum of unbiased scientific education about physics, math, fintec, laws, cultures and philosophy. imho.

for one thing is sure an inflation coin will outperform bitcoin in market cap,

But it will run on top of and no wow magic can such change that,
But anyway thx for the free fish, i paid anon? a lot of bills with your gracious pump, and was not forced to use my precious ...

I drove a full automatic TSLA prototype with insane mode at night high speed through a city in auto mode and that was hell of fun and impressive at that time.

Now i think i just got insane luck the pedestrians and i are still alive.

OTOH i see some nice opportunities, when we can buy them with doge, to get one or a fleet of these, patch them and sell them as mobile miners, while piggy pack on there satellite net all payed with keys to *real* *doge* coins ;-) and that only with such wow magic

is freedom, the rest is just banking.

No doubt we need banking, but hey, especially , do not mix that, or think u can have both while drinking from the same glass.

it's sad to see that has obviously only a guts plan and almost zero clue about what bitcoin did and why it is how it is

No doubt niche DOGE constant issuing low fees will work stable like GRS or Monero, and have it's place like Opera in the browser market, maybe like Rolex in watches, as it is in fact a charity, but at the long run, only a state of the art self sovereign slowly, big minds vetted soft forked, taylorized kind of sharded will be the backbone of modern society.imho

5/ They say the gods that we in fact are gave us the death so that we could forget and not be sad to be just an Sisyphus in ur own imagination world.

Bitcoin changed that, it can now shortcut end or we could have Manna until next singularity, what will happen is what we imagine.

A Neo would probably say, -- sure must the oracle say that u would take Manna.anyway, but was it not fun to stare in that mirror.? --

4/ It's by that quite obvious that there is no need for more than one individual and it must not necessary be born as a classic human machine or be a diversified spirit.
Note, u could then even kill your own self and be not aware that it's u that plays the game.

Will that ever stop? How far can u account and store and count information on ur imaginations walls until ur sphere collapse into a black hole singularity and start over again?

3/ With the help of the immutable chain, we could even send us little messages through manifestations of different reality, if that had worked, since the details of a past and it's information is lost to have any physical implications in our new future once we changed something to match our imagination and started the reverse computation phase.

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