@Shekelcoin why are you choosing anti-semitism as a public presentation? Shouldn't you strive to have an identity that doesnt inversely hingu upon the presentation of a negative stereotype?

@Shekelcoin Are any of the old texts terribly flattering in the modern age when interpreted literally? Aren't they a reflection of their times? Have a specific complaint?

@derose read the soncino translation of the talmud all the way through and then get back to me. until then you're not qualified to debate this.

@Shekelcoin I'm not looking to debate, I'm looking to learn. Must I read the entire talmud to understand your need to present this way? Have you read the Bible and the koran, and does the talmud really strike you as that much more extreme?

@derose to sum it up judaism is a pedophile death cult. but you really need to read it for yourself or you will just think it's an exaggeration.

@Shekelcoin It seems ... peverse... to judge the modern, by way of extreme origins in extreme times :(

@derose well if you won't read it you won't understand it, like i said. and regardless of your beliefs they see things from a supernatural worldview.

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