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@adam @dave Lightning address resolution happens via LNURL on your server, so in the end it's just regular requests and domain resolution is done via DNS.

It's probably way simpler than you might think.

See docs:

@dave @adam regarding an index of Lightning Addresses: a lot of users are putting their lightning addresses prefixed with a ⚡ in their profiles, e.g. ⚡[email protected]

Alby and ZBD support this already. There is also a meta tag for HTML:

Both could be crawled and indexed.

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python-bitcointx v1.1.3 is released, includes spending to taproot.
We'll be able to issue a new release of Joinmarket (0.9.5) shortly, probably end of this week.

#bitcoin #joinmarket

@dave I think we found a bug in the podcast index.

Not sure what repository is the right one to create the issue, so I'll outline it here.

We updated the pubkey of John from 02a9cd... to 02aad... - the pubkey was correctly updated on the podcast level, but not on the episode level.

More than 24h later it's still wrong, so it doesn't seem to be a simple caching issue.

Here is the feed:

It's also not just an UI issue. Fountain and Breez get the wrong info too.

@waxwing Yes, please do!

If someone wants to join the Web UI group or simply wants to follow along, have a look at the wiki:

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Looks like more progress on a web UI frontend for JM using the RPC backend is being made here:

Those that can help, please do :)

#joinmarket #coinjoin #bitcoin

@dave are there any tools already to parse boostagrams from the command line?

I'd love to parse them on my node and display them for each episode.

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RT @dergigi
1/ Everyone knows that time is money. In the digital realm, however, money is also intricately related to time. It has to be.

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1/8 Phenomenal article! 👏

@dergigi dismantles the clock that is with the precision of an engineer & the flexibility of mind of a philosopher 🕰️

A timeless piece by a timely author; highly recommended! 🔥

Some quotes that I liked in this 🧵👇

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