Diving into this story on clubhouse right now and it's absolutely crazy

@ck_SNARKs I'm pretty sure half the people on twitter thought that this was me giving legitimate props to Eth.

Like bro....It doesn't even have wings...shitcoiners think a plane without wings is dope because they don't look closely and evaluate when they see shiny things.

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@denverbitcoin Buy the BCH and then sell it for BTC and withdraw to your @COLDCARDwallet

This 6-month period has to absolutely haunt any/all the critics that were discounting bitcoin due to its price "stagnation" lol.


I used to tell people to get themselves 1Billion sats and plan to rely on yourself.

But this community is so helpful and supportive that you might only need 500M sats and few friends relatively in you geographical region. I may have underestimated the friendliness of bitcoiners.

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The problem i fear you'll run into is that the best opportunity for monetizing/utilizing waste is in the oilfield. I think there are likely comparable opportunities in the utilities space (see Greenidge Generation) and maybe in manufacturing, but I'd be surprised if those opps are as attractive as the insane amount of clean methane that is wasted in upstream oil and gas.

If you own the manufacturing plant then sure, but as a 3rd party there are likely better places to be

Big-tech is embracing informational tyranny at an Orwellian level.

This is getting absolutely disgusting.


If that isn't a bright red buy signal then nothing is.

@DrHQuinzel Yeah I kind of like to do this too -- put a limit buy for 200k sats in $100 increments on the order book.

More fun to watch the dip as they all fill, plus sometimes you grab the EXACT bottom which is just pure bliss.

@jgettbtc Hahah my dad did the same thing and he's one of the smartest people i know -- don't feel bad, bro.

This strategy worked out pretty well this time around. All my limits in the $30k's filled.

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@bitflip I was definitely not understanding the federated/divided nature of mastadon hah. Appreciate the help.

@stephanlivera Ahh gotcha -- I just saw that with someone else.

Just read a little about the instances and it makes sense now. I didn't realize the sub-reddit-esque nature of mastadon.

Appreciate the help bro!

How do I make my handle @denverbitcoin without the "bitcoinhackers dot org" part.

wtf am i missing?

floor set at the 10-day MA apparently.

Buy em while they're cheap.

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