Are there any ongoing projects working to leverage manufacturing waste/inefficiencies for Bitcoin? I work with some of the largest manufacturers in the world to deploy new technologies in their manufacturing processes and would love to get involved if anything exists.

@bitc_jack Not sure if it counts, but there’s a burgeoning industry around using waste gas to mine. @denverbitcoin knows more.

@jimbocoin @denverbitcoin @americanhodl used to have a link or reference to this in his bio on twitter if I'm not mistaken. while interesting, I have less of an opportunity to deploy equipment in this way. Something more along the lines of building Bitcoin technologies into production systems to leverage or offset existing idle power consumption in factories would be a lot easier for me to incorporate.

@jimbocoin @denverbitcoin I could potentially do something along these lines for particular industries, where their waste could be used as fuel, that just wouldn't be 100% of the customer base for the work I do.


@bitc_jack @jimbocoin

The problem i fear you'll run into is that the best opportunity for monetizing/utilizing waste is in the oilfield. I think there are likely comparable opportunities in the utilities space (see Greenidge Generation) and maybe in manufacturing, but I'd be surprised if those opps are as attractive as the insane amount of clean methane that is wasted in upstream oil and gas.

If you own the manufacturing plant then sure, but as a 3rd party there are likely better places to be

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