Am I the only psychopath that buys the dip like this? 😆

This strategy worked out pretty well this time around. All my limits in the $30k's filled.

@denverbitcoin I jumped in all excited at $39k. 😝

Can’t time em all!

@denverbitcoin I got limit buys set from 28k up 32k and everything in between. 🤪

@denverbitcoin I used to do the exact same. BlockFi with that dang 8.6% and doesn’t allow limit orders

@denverbitcoin nah, I just grabbed 3M sats at 33K. Crazy times. Only 130 Tor nodes, 1.5% according to Clark moody of thats correct.

@denverbitcoin I'm the psychopath who kept dry powder around at $20K so I could end up buying the dip at $30K. 😭

@jgettbtc Hahah my dad did the same thing and he's one of the smartest people i know -- don't feel bad, bro.

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