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@denverbitcoin Buy the BCH and then sell it for BTC and withdraw to your @COLDCARDwallet

This 6-month period has to absolutely haunt any/all the critics that were discounting bitcoin due to its price "stagnation" lol.


I used to tell people to get themselves 1Billion sats and plan to rely on yourself.

But this community is so helpful and supportive that you might only need 500M sats and few friends relatively in you geographical region. I may have underestimated the friendliness of bitcoiners.

This strategy worked out pretty well this time around. All my limits in the $30k's filled.

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How do I make my handle @denverbitcoin without the "bitcoinhackers dot org" part.

wtf am i missing?

floor set at the 10-day MA apparently.

Buy em while they're cheap.

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