Science, philosophy and religion are supposed to be one thing.

Few understand this.

A proper Constitution should read:

Your shit is yours. Don't take other people's shit.

That's it. That's the Constitution.

I'm not American but rumor has it that a new, more spiritually developed race will appear there.

Happy 4th of July, American friends!

"Technologies like bitcoin [...] will bring the decomposition of the overly bloated State apparatus, the return to a sound money system, decentralization of Power and the rise of a multiplicity of philosopher-kings around the world."

According to the law, the Russian government can go bankrupt even if it's central bank vault is full of gold.

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As a flavour of communism, the democratic system must be abolished entirely. But we cannot hope for the Parasites to do it—they are its creators.

It's up to the newly forming Natural Elite, the sovereign individuals, to create a new paradigm that will make the old one obsolete.

Individual sovereignty is achieved through personal secession.

Bitcoin is secessionist.

There's nothing wrong with passive voice.

"The tyrant wants to subdue by force and manipulation, the true king wants to win people's hearts."

If most gold reserves are in central bank vaults, and most central banks are privately owned, does it mean most gold is in private hands of a few individuals?

Does it mean that when we say that Russia stockpiled on gold, in reality, it's private individuals moving gold around?

The new Natural Elite will have to engage in ideological warfare to change public opinion. Propaganda is just a means to an end, it can be used for good.

Bitcoin allows for personal secession—the most powerful tool against tyranny.

Instant gratification is nothing but animal existence.

"Via negativa is the formula you need. Not a secret one, but simple and available to you right now."

All so-called "human rights" organizations and activists must switch to defending only one right—the right of property.

Things will change dramatically.

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"...not only are there no human rights which are not also property rights, but the former rights lose their absoluteness and clarity and become fuzzy and vulnerable when property rights are not used as the standard."

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The only meaningful right that advances civilization is the right of property. Any other made-up right is a distraction.

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