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Minerva – some implementations of ECDSA/EdDSA vulnerable to side-channel attacks, leading to (local) recovery of the private key:

– Vulnerable: Athena IDProtect, libgcrypt, wolfSSL/wolfCrypt, MatrixSSL, SunEC/OpenJDK/Oracle JDK, Crypto++, and several software packages.
– Smart cards based on AT90SC chip likely vulnerable.
– CVE-2019-15809, CVE-2019-13627 to CVE-2019-13629, CVE-2019-2894, CVE-2019-14318

#ecdsa #eddsa #sidechannel #minerva #security #infosec

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> A lot of Chromebook and Chromebox users don't realize this, but all ChromeOS devices have an expiration date.

🤦‍♂️ put linux on it or don't buy this kind of stuff.

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Just saw this on best of Nextdoor and I’m absolutely livid.

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Any group which successfully organizes for their liberation will eventually become totalitarian.

@alexa @cjd I often play a horrible game - imagine a random friend or a family member in a position of power. Most of them are lovely people... until they start to share their opinions of how things should be. I hate to think they're all lost.

The concept of the apocalypse starting from the ground up never crossed my mind. Till today.

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If you’re not in my particular niche communities, you might not know about the community that exists around old ThinkPad laptops. But I’m going to tell you about it, because I think it’s awesome!

ThinkPad laptops from years ago are enduringly popular, because they have great support from free software, and they’re extremely repairable.

Not only are new or used parts extremely easy to come by, people are even designing new parts for these old machines, so you can upgrade rather than replace!

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Does anyone know any uncensored #F-Droid repositories?
It seems that the "flagship" repo is from now on censored to not include software the maintainers don't like.
#censorship #android @fdroidorg #gab #Fediverse

@stevenroose No more occasional donations from me I guess. Sad.

@elementary F2! F2 was the key I was looking for all that time! Is this documented somewhere?

@xarph Where do you suggest to mirror them? I know git-center on zeronet, but not many people are running zeronet on the localhost, therfore cloning the repos from there can be a pain in the ass.

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Are there some reliable ways how to disable #eCall in cars? Is somebody working on that? It's much bigger issue than some cookies or browser fingerprinting.

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God dammit, Google.

“Wow, fancy that. Web ad giant Google to block ad-blockers in Chrome. For safety, apparently” • The Register

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We set up a dedicated #fdroid repository for the #35C3 here:

You can get the Fahrplan/schedule app and c3nav from there.

This will be kept up-to-date during the congress!

@Mac_CZ We should double sha256 them. You know, to rip them off even after they're dead! 🤑

But srsly, zombie apocalypse is nothing compared to the world where we replace proof-of-work crypto currencies by proof-of-cremation. Straight from regular zombie postapo territory right to the Matrix level "people as a commodity" type of world.

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