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Ah, so you actually *can* see how many retoots or favs a toot has. Just click on the toot and it will expand in the right section (where your Local and Federated timelines are).

Haven't opened in a long time. These days, though, it's a lot of fun to watch.

Bottom line: we aim to deliver bitcoin-only news in real time in one place so you can focus on what matters instead of browsing the Internet in search of recent developments.

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For now, all news articles that we parse are approved for publication manually. A few things that are in being built:

1) Word / phrase blacklist: filter out any article containing mentions of shitcoins, even in comparative pieces.
2) Autoposting: automated publishing, when checks in (1) have been performed.
3) Full article content hosting: read the whole piece on without going directly to ad-filled, shitcoin-focused outlets.

Need to unlearn clicking the Favorite button as if it were Like.

Can't bot-post news like on Twitter yet, so only a bit of shitposting for now.

Aggregated bitcoin news. Shitcoin-free, hand-filtered for the maximalist in each of you:

Ok, so my toots, followers, people I follow and the profile pic have all vanished. Bug? Illuminati? Time will tell.

Umm, all my toots and followers have disappeared. @nvk ?

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