Why do you need a footer on an infinitely scrollable website?

Aggregated bitcoin news. Shitcoin-free, hand-filtered for the maximalist in each of you: dden.co/news

Well, my GUI stopped working for good. It's not really necessary but convenient to see stats.

Looks like it's time to try out the Casa node with Lightning!

@TallTim Most people know about OTC markets, so this is either intentional or, like you said, plain stupid.

New firmware for has been released. coldcardwallet.com/docs/upgrad

Easy to upgrade: simply copy the firmware file onto the SD card and install from the Settings menu. Works like a charm!

Usually, hidden wallets (as is the case with Trezor or Ledger) are, in essence, additional words/passphrases to the BIP39 seed.

If you were to restore a wallet in another compatible wallet software (say, Electrum), how do you access your hidden wallet created with the secondary PIN?


The home page is back up and running. It should load faster then before. dden.co

@ethereumweekly Where is he removing them from? The list of instances? He can't actually remove an instance itself, I guess.

We're aware of the issue with the home page, it times out. Other pages load just fine. If you're here for the news, go directly to: dden.co/news

Looks like Coinkite is working on something else! A server for hosting bitcoin projects securely.


Some non-bitcoin things that many bitcoiners are into:

- extreme diets
- architecture revivalism
- information theory
- renaissance art
- stoicism and hellenistic ethics
- consequentialism (rather than deontology)
- guns and personal defense
- privacy enhancing tech. Tor, VPNs, etc
- localism (as opposed to globalism)
- the american midwest
- frontier culture
- ruralism rather than urbanism

anything I'm missing?

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