Well, my GUI stopped working for good. It's not really necessary but convenient to see stats.

Looks like it's time to try out the Casa node with Lightning!

Looks like Coinkite is working on something else! A server for hosting bitcoin projects securely.


SilentOS has Spaces. Blackberry had a separate work environment. But they can still be seen. Border agent: "I see you have multiple Spaces, you mind unlocking the one that says "super private stuff"?"

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Electrum is, hands down, the best feature-rich desktop and command-line wallet out there. All the latest tech (bech32, HW wallet support with Coldcard soon, batched sends, run your own server for full privacy, etc).

Ah, so you actually *can* see how many retoots or favs a toot has. Just click on the toot and it will expand in the right section (where your Local and Federated timelines are).

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