0.0.6 client is now on pypi with zeromq support and something else :)

In help to keep the network healthy, a new public electrum server for *testnet* is up and running, more should come.


Howdy bitcoiners! \o7

The current Github client master, carry an undocumented, barely tested interface.

Along with two types fixes in the JsonRPC responses, the current Github version is able to keep an node up & running.


For support and feedback join the conversation at groups.io/g/spruned

Stable pypi release soon!

Howdy! First post here!

Let me recap a bit what's going on those days in my life as a dev:

github.com/gdassori/spruned <- BTC client without trusted third parties.

github.com/chaindns/chaindnsd <- BTC via DNS, useful when blocked by wifi paywalls

testnet-faucet.mempool.co <- NoJS\NoBS Bitcoin Testnet Faucet

[.. and a lot more uninteresting \ private ..]

Maybe you heard me as the first on-chain (testnet) doublespender, 1st mainnet segwit tx, 1st segwit python lib..

I like to get my hands dirty 🙂

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